ASK IRA: For the Heat, is the froth in the fit of a new Big 3?

Q: Ira, do you see a much easier transition with the “New Big 3” version versus the “Heatles”? I’m not seeing the overlap with Jimmy/BamAdebayo/Damian Lillard that came with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, who were the leading men and scorers on their respective teams. Thoughts? – Rodney.

A: First, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were a cut above what might come next for the Heat, so they not only were able to eventually figure it out, but also able to persevere initially through talent. With Jimmy Butler to turn 34 before the start of next season and Damian Lillard 33, there is no time for a waiting game this time around. But that also is why these three would fit. Bam Adebayo as an All-Star big man, Butler a two-way wing, and Lillard an elite point guard. Overlap would not be an issue, which is why it makes so much sense for both the Heat and Damian.

Q: Had Heat been able to do the deal within two or three weeks, fine. But they are not the Nets, Rockets, 76ers, etc. They are the Heat, three conference finals in four years. A winning franchise does not need to let its young players dangle for months. Have some pride, move on, fill out the roster – Jon.

A: First, why? We still are nearly three months from a meaningful game. And filling out the roster likely will be fringe moves at best, so why rush those? As it is, the roster already arguably is filled out. You have Bam Adebayo, Kevin Love, Haywood Highsmith, Orlando Robinson, Nikola Jovic and Thomas Bryant in the power rotation. And you have Jimmy Butler, Caleb Martin, Tyler Herro, Kyle Lowry, Josh Richardson, Duncan Robinson and Jaime Jaquez Jr. in the wing rotation.

Q: At what point (if not already) do the Heat provide a best and final trade offer with a pretty quick expiration date? While there is obviously time before training camp, there are other deals to be examined that would also make the Heat serious contenders.  Each day runs the risk of a major trade with other teams and the Heat could be left with filler options. – Brian, Fort Lauderdale.

A: There aren’t other trades, nor is there necessarily a need (as shown above). In February, there is a definitive NBA trading deadline; do it by then, or nothing for the rest of the season. At the NBA draft, there is a definitive deadline; do it now, or you don’t get our draft pick. But there is no definitive deadline at this time of year, nor any finish line within sight. To the brave and fearless go the spoils. This is no time to prove meek.