Trump must be held accountable | Letters to the editor

Some people say that all the indictments of Donald Trump amounts to just pilling on. They don’t deny that he did dishonest things; they just complain he’s being picked on.

Viewed with an open mind, it is apparent that Trump’s crimes are piling up against the rule of law and democracy, and he should be held accountable. This is not bending the rules, as many politicians do. This is breaking the laws for selfish reasons. He must be held accountable.

Donald Trump has been defying the law all his life. We must not let this MAGA maniac criminal be elected again — or escape prosecution.

Carl Schneider, Delray Beach

Standing in the way

Donald Trump declared: “They’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you. I am just standing in the way.”

Was he standing in the way when the Central Park Five were indicted, or was he part of a grassroots effort to go after five innocent young Black men?

Did he stand in the way when “they” came after books, women’s rights and the rule of law? Did he stand in the way of tax reform? He said he favored it, but when he signed the law, he created the largest tax break in history for himself and his donors, mostly leaving “you” out.

Who are “they” coming for us? The FBI? “They” are not the ones coming for books, journalists, teachers, police officers, rule of law, fair elections, civil and women’s rights, and protection from gun violence. It is Trump’s followers, and he is egging them on.

He stood in the way of military recruitment, when he said soldiers were suckers. He stood in the way of tax collection, by declaring those who paid taxes were “not smart like me.” He stood in the way of women seeking justice after being sexually assaulted. He created a divide between gay and straight, left and right, and between those who believe in democracy over autocracy.

Mr. Trump, the Department of Justice is coming after you, because you have been indicted for multiple infractions, clearly written in black and white, shades you have manipulated for political advantage.

Phil Beasley, Plantation

What’s going on ‘out there’?

Retired Air Force Maj. David Grusch testified before Congress that the government is in possession of and is trying to reverse engineer parts of crashed alien crafts. He said the U.S. has remains of what can only be categorized as alien life. (The Pentagon denies his claims).

How is it that alien civilizations have the technology to travel billions or trillions of miles but are incapable of landing their craft? Why is it that these alien crafts only crash in faraway, unpopulated places? Why is it that they never crash land in, say, Biscayne Bay or Central Park?

Why don’t they send unmanned robotic crafts to explore other worlds, as we do? Is it credible that a country spending billions designing and launching space crafts to explore possible life anywhere other than on our planet would keep secret the information that Grusch alleges?

Are we the only intelligent species in the universe? I have no idea, but I find the cloak and dagger stuff that accompanies all these reports to be idiotic.

Armando Lamelas, Pembroke Pines

Fix TV listings

Taking away the Sun Sentinel TV listings and replacing them with your suggestions of “what to watch” is going to upset a lot of readers. Don’t say you can subscribe to TV Weekly (which was included in the newspaper at one time). What you took away was a quick view of what was on TV that night.

Your suggestions to watch shows on Netflix and Peacock may not be available to everyone, and the viewing choices you selected are not necessarily what people want to see. I’m sure a lot of readers will agree this was a bad idea.

Mary Renders, Coral Springs