Hurricane Ian leaves more than 21 dead in Florida as rescuers search for survivors

In the midst of the devastation from what was once Hurricane Ian, rescuers desperately searched for survivors on Florida’s west coast and power began to be restored to many affected by the storm. The current death toll in Florida sits at 21, with many more expected. As many as 10,000 people in southwest Florida are unaccounted for. In TikTok videos and Facebook posts, worried families shared their desperate pleas and strangers answered their calls, even as local officials urged people to... Read More

High surf from king tides sends massive waves onshore

Rough surf combined with king tides resulted in massive waves on Miami-Dade beaches Friday. Six to eight foot waves were reported in Miami Beach. Advertisement Miami Beach Fire Rescue pleaded with beachgoers via social media to stay out of the water. “Swimming and surfing conditions are dangerous. Please stay out of the water for your own safety and the safety of our Ocean Rescue lifeguards,” Miami Beach Fire Rescue posted on social media. Advertisement The city also raised... Read More

More than 21 dead in Florida after Hurricane Ian; storm makes landfall on South Carolina coast

Hurricane Ian made its second major landfall on the South Carolina coast as a Category 1 storm Friday, while rescue and recovery efforts ramped up across Florida in its wake. The current death toll in Florida sits at 21, with many more expected. About 10,000 people in southwest Florida are unaccounted for. Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday near Punta Gorda as a Category 4 storm. Advertisement President Joe Biden said Ian “could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida history,”... Read More

How to help Florida victims of Hurricane Ian

The images showing the devastation left by Hurricane Ian this week are heartbreaking. Though South Florida experienced Ian-related flood and wind damage, we avoided a direct hit and now it’s time to help our neighbors in need. Advertisement Here’s a list of organizations that already have efforts underway. Please keep in mind that we’ll continue to update this roundup as information becomes available. For the next 30 days, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will help with... Read More

Hurricane Ian leaves at least 11 dead in Florida as it heads toward Carolinas

Hurricane Ian left Florida behind late Thursday, growing from a downgraded tropical storm back to a hurricane on its way to the Carolinas. Across Florida, the monster storm caused catastrophic devastation, flooding and at least 11 deaths, with many more expected. President Joe Biden said Ian “could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida history,” responsible for a “substantial loss of life.” Advertisement Preliminary reports of lives lost include six in Charlotte County; two in... Read More

‘No reason to come … there’s nothing here.’ Florida residents in shock at devastation left in Hurricane Ian’s wake

FORT MYERS — Eerie scenes of destruction punctuated by jarring lighthearted moments replayed themselves over and over along Florida’s Gulf coast on Thursday as residents who fled the wrath of Hurricane Ian returned to discover what’s left of their homes. Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the U.S., made landfall first near Coya Costa, an island off Fort Myers, and then finally on the mainland near Punta Gorda, on Wednesday. For hours, the near-Category 5... Read More

Gunman outside Publix dies after deputy shot him

The man who fired a gun outside a Publix in Greenacres and then was shot by a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy died Thursday, the Sheriff’s Office said. The 21-year-old shooter, Jose Villanueva, was hospitalized in critical condition after deputies shot him in the parking lot. Advertisement On Tuesday evening just after 6 p.m. outside the Publix at Military Crossing in Greenacres, Villanueva waved a gun around and fired it three times into the air, according to the Sheriff’s... Read More

MAP: Here’s the updated forecast track of Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is off the coast of Florida where it regained strength on a track toward South Carolina, according to the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane warnings are in effect for the entire coast of South Carolina, with watches extending in Georgia and North Carolina. Ian is forecast to make landfall just north of Charleston, according to the Thursday evening hurricane center update. Advertisement Here’s the latest forecast track including the so-called “spaghetti models,”... Read More

Possible ‘deadliest hurricane in Florida history’ heads for Carolinas as Tropical Storm Ian

Hurricane Ian was downgraded to a tropical storm Thursday as it leaves Florida behind, only to become a hurricane again this evening on its way to the Carolinas. Across Florida, the storm’s consequences linger long after the eye has passed, as more storm surge and flooding continue to threaten residents across the state. “The amount of water that has been rising and will likely continue to rise today, even as the storm is passing, is basically a 500-year flood event,” Gov. Ron DeSantis... Read More

‘Catastrophic’ Hurricane Ian swamps southwest Florida, trapping people in homes

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the U.S., swamped southwest Florida on Wednesday, turning streets into rivers, knocking out power to 1.8 million people and threatening catastrophic damage further inland. A coastal sheriff’s office reported that it was getting many calls from people trapped in flooded homes. Desperate people posted to Facebook and other social sites, pleading for rescue for themselves or loved ones. Some video... Read More