Episode 10 of 57weeks.COM pOdcast. Apple Dumpling Episode

Tom Truex, is the featured host in the podcast, 57Weeks. In Episode 10 he gives you some details on the life and death of “Wild Bill Hickok.” Also his take on the importance of an old school recipe for apple dumplings. Episode available on 57Weeks.Com or Spotify. ... Read More

Which laptop is best for competitive gaming?

Competitive gaming has been around since the dawn of the first video games, but it has undergone several significant changes in the last three decades. Before the internet or network capabilities, players competed for the highest score, trying to beat others with their fast fingers. However, the internet and advances in computer components open the door for gamers to compete directly against each other. One of the first titles to allow this was “Neverwinter Nights,” ushering in the... Read More

YWAM Rallies After 11 Missionaries Killed, 8 Wounded in Tanzania Bus Accident

Darlene Cunningham: “We have not seen a tragedy of this magnitude in all of history … deaths create a massive vacuum” for Youth With a Mission. Days after a bus accident claimed 11 of its missionaries in Tanzania, leaders of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) are “devastated” but rallying prayer and support to aid medical evacuations, repatriations, and funeral arrangements expected to total $350,000. The Christian missionaries, seven of whom were from other countries,... Read More

Delray runner ready for London after second-place finish in Fort Lauderdale

The goal for Delray Beach’s Melissa Perlman entering the recent Publix Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon and Half Marathon was to get a best time and successfully defend her women’s half-marathon title. She came up just short on both, but still turned in an impressive effort. The 41-year-old who won four gold medals in the Pan American Maccabi Games from Dec. 27 through Jan. 5 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, clocked a time of 1:22:26 to finish. “My goal going into the race was to win the race... Read More

‘Dune’ Centers Islamic Imagery. These Muslim-World Novels Center Christ.

Drawing from their long experience in the Islamic world, evangelical novelists pen fiction to help Muslims and Americans better see Jesus. Can you imagine if Dune took place in the ocean instead of the desert? One Christian novel does. With Dune: Part Two now in theaters, moviegoers are once again treated to the cinematic spectacle of Frank Herbert’s popular sci-fi epic. Less known is how his 1965 novel bears witness to the influence of Muhammad. And even less known are the efforts... Read More

Which freshmen and transfers will step up for the Hurricanes this spring?

Hurricanes spring football begins on Monday, and the excitement is building. Even though Miami’s season ended on a sour note with a loss to Rutgers in the Pinstripe Bowl, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the Hurricanes’ chances in 2024. Key returnees and major additions have Miami looking like a challenger in the new-look ACC this year, and spring practice is the first time players and coaches can work together consistently after the offseason. On Monday, we... Read More

‘Hell Is a World Without You’ Revisits Early 2000s Youth Group

Journalist Jason Kirk discusses his new novel, turn-of-the-century evangelicalism and deconstruction. Jason Kirk’s newly released novel Hell Is a World Without You is not my usual reading fare. Nor is his book CT’s usual coverage fare. As you’ll gather from our conversation below, Kirk has left evangelicalism behind and is reflecting on the church of his youth with a critical, if somewhat sympathetic, eye. I was too shy a teenager to really embrace early 2000s youth group... Read More

Publix hits Miami streets with a cafecito truck. Where to get a free cup, guava bites

The latest Publix promotion hits us where we live. “There’s nowhere else that cherishes cafecito quite like Miami. That’s why we’re celebrating the 305 with the drink that connects us … Click to Continue » ... Read More

UK Churches’ Outreach to Muslim Migrants Scrutinized After Clapham Attack

Evangelical leader: Ministers’ testimonies were never intended to be the “make-or-break” factor in judging asylum applications. A chemical attack that injured a dozen people in the South London suburb of Clapham a month ago has sparked the resurgence of a national debate over the UK’s asylum system and the church’s involvement with migrant converts. The suspected perpetrator, Abdul Ezedi, was an Afghan refugee who came to Britain illegally in 2016 and was granted asylum... Read More

Confusion, Strategy Shifts, Layoffs: What’s Happening at the American Bible Society?

The historic and well-funded organization has seen two years of turmoil: five CEOs, money fumbles, and a pullback from global work. It is searching for a fresh start. The 208-year-old American Bible Society (ABS) used to have a simple mission: print and distribute Bibles in the US. At its peak in 1979, it was giving away 108 million a year. Once Americans had access to Bibles, ABS’s challenge became getting people to read them. In the early 2000s, the organization shifted to a... Read More