Worship God at All Times. If Necessary, Use Music.

It turns out the Bible’s idea of worship is mostly about posture, not music or praise. To be human is to worship. That much is clear in the Scriptures (Ps. 150:6), declared in our creeds, and evident from history. But while the impulse to worship seems innate, what we mean by the word worship varies. Attempts to define it usually begin with the etymology of the English word worship, which is commonly understood to mean “to ascribe worth to” someone. This leads naturally to the... Read More

Died: Warren Wiersbe, Preachers’ Favorite Bible Commentator

The prolific author and pastor taught Christians how to “Be” in the Word. Bible teacher, pastor, and preacher Warren Wiersbe died Thursday at age 89, leaving an impressive legacy of teaching, preaching, and mentoring countless pastors. Through his lessons, broadcasted sermons, and over 150 books, he resourced the church to better read and explain the Bible. In a tribute, grandson Dan Jacobsen recalled how pastors often tell him, “There’s not a passage in the Bible I... Read More

Sri Lanka’s Christian Refugees Displaced by Retaliation Threats

Pakistani asylum seekers in Negombo fled terrorist attacks in their home country, only to fear retribution for more deadly violence in their place of refuge. Fleeing persecution in Pakistan, Christians and other religious minorities once found refuge in Negombo, a heavily Catholic area north of Sri Lanka’s capital. But ever since the deadly Easter bombings—the worst taking place at the town’s St. Sebastian Church—these Pakistani asylum seekers have once again had to... Read More

Sabbath Rest: Not Just for Grownups

I want my children to know how to work hard. I also want them to know that hard work doesn’t define them. The stories we hear when we’re young stay with us. They define us, tell us who we are. For good, and sometimes for ill, they inform the ways we live our lives. Sometimes we realize it. Sometimes we don’t. When I was 16 years old, my youth group from First Mennonite Church of Pretty Prairie, Kansas, went on a service trip to Appalachia. (If the term “Mennonite”... Read More

One-on-One with Steve Addison on ‘Rise and Fall of Movements: A Roadmap for Leaders’

“Too many church leaders have a ministry mindset rather than a movement mindset.” Ed: What’s the story behind The Rise and Fall of Movements? Steve: I’ve been studying movements for over 30 years. I soon noticed that dynamic movements have certain characteristics. I also noticed that movements don’t stand still. Movements rise and they fall and they can be turned around. I wanted to write a book that explains the characteristics of movements that multiply and how they... Read More

New HHS Rule Protects Pro-Life Health Care Workers

UPDATE: Under Trump, federal policy keeps shifting away from abortion rights in favor of religious conscience protections. Update (May 2): A year after establishing a new division to safeguard health care workers’ freedom of religion and freedom of conscience, the Trump Administration has formalized protections for those who decline to participate in certain medical treatments like abortion, sterilization, or assisted suicide due to their faith or moral convictions. The Department of... Read More

US Report Bashes China’s Religious Freedom Violations

With its crackdown on Christians and other faiths, the communist country ranks as a top offender by USCIRF for 20 years in a row. Barely a week after the bombing of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka killed nearly 300 on Easter Sunday, and a day after six Christians were killed at their church in Burkina Faso, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) made clear that the worst violators of religious freedom are gaining steam. The findings are grim in 2019 report... Read More

CT Women: Our 15 Favorite Prayers

Women from across the country share words that shape their prayer lives. Today marks the National Day of Prayer in the US. With that in mind, we asked a number of women to share prayers from Scripture and Christian history that hold significance for them as pastors, professors, community developers, writers, and parents. These 15 responses give a glimpse into the prayer lives of Christian women across the country who are on their knees on behalf of families, churches, and leaders. 1. One of... Read More

The Three-Letter Word that Undergirds Gospel Living

Loving across our differences requires the power of paradox. “You and Ryan seemed tired Friday,” my friend Janey said when she saw me at church. “Everything okay?” We had been to their house for a Christmas party two days earlier. “Oh, we weren’t tired,” I said, laughing. “We were fighting.” The sky had been falling in thick flakes that Friday, the city roads a congested crawl under a whitened sky. A few more stolen moments in the car... Read More

One-on-One with Ronnie Floyd on the National Day of Prayer

“If we truly want unity and peace in America, we must return to God and remember that our highest calling is to love him and one another.” Ed: A quick glance at the news tells us America is still struggling with division and polarization. From your perspective, what is the spiritual state of America? Ronnie: I was recently reading a Gallup poll on the emotional state of America. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised the pollsters found that Americans are among the most stressed people in... Read More