Brother Andrew Changed Me. His Approach Can Change India.

Gandhi wanted Christians to live more like Jesus. “God’s smuggler” showed me how. “You must change your thinking,” Brother Andrew told me when we first met. He was responding to my “rockstar” reaction as I finally encountered one of my heroes, at a lunch buffet in South Asia in 2000. Like a super-fan, I had blurted out, “I never thought I would meet you.” His response was swift, on point, and left me pondering. That was the man: simple,... Read More

Don’t Leave Migrant Ministry to the Border

Q&A with Sami DiPasquale, head of an El Paso nonprofit, on what the surge of asylum seekers is like on the ground and how the church all over the country can help. Sami DiPasquale runs Abara, a ministry that works on both sides of the border in El Paso, Texas, and Juárez, Mexico. The ministry has served the surge of asylum seekers, a fraction of whom are now being bused and flown to New York; Washington, DC; Chicago; and Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Some migrants... Read More

From the Archives: When Disaster Strikes

Five articles about control and God’s providence amidst natural disasters. With a hurricane hitting the coast of Florida as well as the aftermath of a hurricane in Puerto Rico, a typhoon in Alaska, and a 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan, September has been a busy month of natural disasters around the world. It can be overwhelming to think about the inevitability of earthquakes and storms. There is possibly nothing more unsettling than natural disasters to remind us of our smallness compared to... Read More

Christian Nationalism Cannot Save the World

Do not fall for secularism disguised as a kind of Great Commission. This piece was adapted from Russell Moore’s newsletter. Subscribe here. Just as some North Americans are explicitly claiming the label of “Christian nationalism,” the ideology is advancing around the world. The ongoing near merger of the Russian Orthodox Church with Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian government made headlines when the church’s patriarch declared that dying in Ukraine as part of... Read More

Even in States with Bans, Christian Clinics Continue Post-Abortion Care

Some women who travel out of state for the procedure still rely on local pro-life pregnancy centers for support in the aftermath. A young woman, pregnant and scared, entered the Women’s Resource Center in Mobile, Alabama, on a Tuesday. The pro-life clinic confirmed her pregnancy, diagnosed her with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and scheduled her for an ultrasound. But by Thursday she was in Atlanta for a chemical abortion. (Abortion is banned in Alabama except when the life... Read More

The Light Force of God’s Smuggler: Arab Christians Mourn Brother Andrew

Leaders gathered at Middle East evangelical meeting recall his conversations and books that shaped their ministries. When “God’s smuggler” came to the Middle East, he went through the front door. Once known for hiding Bibles in the back of his Volkswagen when crossing behind the Iron Curtain, Brother Andrew instead simply handed them to terrorists. Coupled with his devotion to the Palestinian church, the founder of Open Doors shook the Western Christian status quo. Arab... Read More

Died: Dan Busby, Accountant Who Set Standards for Ministry Finances

He believed “Christians should set an example of the utmost integrity.” Dan Busby fixed his father’s tax returns when he was a junior in college. In the process of correcting some mistakes and figuring out the proper deductions for the Wesleyan pastor and evangelist, he discovered his life’s calling. “The Lord planted a seed in my heart,” Busby said in a 2018 interview, “that someday I should help fill the void.” Busby, a certified public accountant... Read More

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn Suicide

Caring for people in pain requires a rich theology of suffering. According to the World Health Organization, 703,000 people commit suicide each year. In 2020, “suicide was the twelfth leading cause of death overall in the United States. … was the second leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 10–14 and 25–34, … and the fourth leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 35 and 44.” Although churches are becoming... Read More

Do Chinese Worship Songs Sound Too Much Like Pop Hits?

Five praise music songwriters on how they handle criticism, work together, and seek to reach Gen Z through their work. When Chinese Christians around the world worship God through music, chances are they’re singing a translated Western hymn or a hit by established worship music creators Stream of Praise (赞美之泉), Heavenly Melody (天韵合唱团), or Clay Music (泥土音乐). One group of collaborators is interested in adding something that better reflects the tastes of young... Read More

Died: Brother Andrew, Who Smuggled Bibles into Communist Countries

Founder of Open Doors said he wasn’t an “evangelical stuntman” but a faithful Christian following the leading of the Spirit. Anne van der Bijl, a Dutch evangelical known to Christians worldwide as Brother Andrew, the man who smuggled Bibles into closed Communist countries, has died at the age of 94. Van der Bijl became famous as “God’s smuggler” when the first-person account of his missionary adventures—slipping past border guards with Bibles hidden in his... Read More