What’s True About Christian Fiction

“This Present Darkness” and other bestsellers show us the history of evangelicalism—and how it could be different. Danyell didn’t like This Present Darkness. In fact, she hated it. The 1986 novel by Frank Peretti tells the story of demons invading a classic American small town until the local Christians are roused to prayer. The book was wildly popular when it came out, and after more than 30 years, it still sells about 8,000 new copies annually. There are a lot of readers... Read More

CRC Clashes Over Future of Historic Chinese American Church

Once a hub for Reformed thought and a waystation for immigrants, a New York City congregation finds itself at the center of a property dispute. Queens Christian Reformed Church—one of the first Chinese American churches in the Reformed tradition established in the United States—is waiting with bated breath to find out what the future holds. Some are worried the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) is going to evict the congregation and sell the Briarwood, Queens,... Read More

I Went to Hollywood to Make My Own Music. Now I Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord.

How a celebrity vocal coach changed her tune after encountering the truths of Scripture. From the outside, my life looked great. I was living in a trendy area in Santa Monica, California, and enjoying a fantastic job as one of the top vocal coaches in Los Angeles. With almost a decade of experience at the highest levels of the music industry, I had worked with major-label and top-40 artists, as well as hit TV shows like The Voice and Glee. Clients regularly flew in from around the... Read More

Fannie Lou Hamer’s Fight for First-Class Citizenship

Remembering a courageous civil rights activist whose name and story are too little known. As voting rights take center stage in America’s national conversation, a new biography of civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer speaks with special relevance. Walk with Me, written by historian and biographer Kate Clifford Larson, serves at once as a history of the civil rights movement and a rebuke to ballot-restriction efforts sweeping the nation. Accessible and moving, Larson’s account... Read More

The Afghan Immigration Crisis Is Bigger, Faster, More Traumatic. Are Ministries Ready?

Tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees are coming to the US without special status or government funding for resettlement, putting more responsibility on Christian donors and volunteers. Eileen Wilson pulled up to work at the Hope Center for refugees and immigrants in Cleveland, only to find Afghan families from the surrounding area and beyond standing in line at its entrance and waiting in cars in the parking lot. Some had driven hours, even from out of state. The crowds were a spillover from... Read More

8 Prayer Mentors from History

Prayer empowered them to live their faith with great courage. Their spiritual habits can breathe new life into our own. Christian women throughout the centuries serve as a cloud of witnesses for us, and their stories of faith still speak to us today. These eight women exemplified goodness, truth, and beauty in the midst of struggles, questions, and suffering—and they found strength to do so through prayer. Their prayer practices can breathe new life and meaning into our own. Vibia... Read More

Hard-Copy Bibles Aren’t Just Nostalgic

As a seminary professor, I’m requiring the physical book in class. Church should do the same. As I prepare to begin my tenth year as a seminary professor, I’m going to begin the biblical capstone class I’ll be teaching by recommending that my students consider taking up a habit they’re likely unfamiliar with: bringing an actual, physical, printed-and-bound Bible to class. My reason for the recommendation isn’t just about nostalgia, though I did grow up carrying a... Read More

Drones Have Changed the Moral Calculus for War

The debate on drone strikes goes beyond civilian casualty numbers. On August 29, as American troops were accelerating their pullout from Afghanistan, the US military ordered its last drone strike in the 20-year war. The missile destroyed a parked car that military officials said was operated by an Islamic State sympathizer and contained explosives for a suicide attack on the Kabul airport, where American forces and civilians had gathered for evacuation. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff... Read More

Remembering Rubén Proietti, Unifier of Latin America’s Churches

Respected leader with ACIERA, CONELA, and the Luis Palau Association is the latest of hundreds of pastors in Argentina to die from COVID-19. Death, even if we wait for it, always surprises us. The death of Rubén Proietti on the morning of September 9, at age 74, not only affected his family and friends but also touched the church across the Hispanic world. The organizer of Latin America’s greatest evangelistic events, the mobilizer of crowds, the creator of bridges, passionate... Read More

Evangelicals Endorse Unprecedented Ecumenical Plea for the Environment

Ahead of a UN climate summit, Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican leaders jointly promote a “Season of Creation.” In their first joint statement ever, the spiritual leaders of Christianity’s three largest denominations addressed the United Nations. “Listen to the cry of the earth, pledging meaningful sacrifices,” stated their appeal. “We must decide what kind of world we want to leave to future generations.” Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church;... Read More