How to Church Shop Like the First Christians

In an age of virtual worship services, some things should stay the same. A lot has changed with respect to church service attendance since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and some of these trends are likely to continue this year. Many believers are still navigating the precarious balancing act between in-person gathering and online streaming, while some are looking to switch churches or denominations this year. Others have stopped going to church altogether. There are those who attend multiple... Read More

Let’s Praise Progress on Religious Freedom. Start with These Countries.

Four Muslim-majority nations deserve our support and engagement, as an alliance of 33 other nations finds its voice. Today the Open Doors World Watch List has again thoroughly documented the severe repression that many Christians experience every day. The church is under outright attack in many countries, while grinding repression and ceaseless limitations slowly strangle believers in others. The list is a call to action and prayer for the persecuted. Understanding the dire situation should... Read More

The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2022

Latest report on Christian persecution finds Nigeria has 4 in 5 martyrs, China has 3 in 5 church attacks, and Afghanistan is now worse than North Korea. A thousand more Christians were killed for their faith last year than the year before. A thousand more Christians were detained. Six hundred more churches were attacked or closed. And Afghanistan is the new No. 1, according to the 2022 World Watch List (WWL), the latest annual accounting from Open Doors of the top 50 countries where it is... Read More

Can a Christian Flag Fly Outside Boston’s City Hall?

The free speech question considered by the Supreme Court this week may hinge on whether the pole counts as a public forum. There are three flagpoles outside Boston City Hall. One flies the United States flag. Another flies the Massachusetts state flag. What can – and can’t – fly from the third is an issue that the Supreme Court considered during oral arguments on Jan 18. The case, Shurtleff v. Boston, addresses whether the city violated the First Amendment by denying a... Read More

Why I’m Losing My Millennium

Whether or not this is the apocalypse, there are more important things afoot. Years ago, an academic colleague of mine was asked by his tenure committee about his views of the Millennium—the thousand-year reign of Christ described in Revelation 20. Was he a premillennialist, meaning that he thought that Jesus would return before this literally understood thousand-year period, or was he an amillennialist, believing the thousand-year reign refers symbolically to Christ’s rule from... Read More

Supreme Court to Debate Football Coach’s Prayers

Did kneeling at the 50-yard line violate the First Amendment? Or did a school’s attempt to stop it violate the First Amendment? It is a fact that Joseph A. Kennedy, a former coach of the Bremerton Knights in the suburbs of Seattle, prayed on the 50-yard line after high school football games in the fall of 2015. But everything about those prayers is up for debate. Were they public or private? Was Kennedy praying just for himself, as an exercise of his faith, or as an official representative... Read More

Listener Questions on Insurrection, Hellfire, Climate Change, and More…

Russell Moore responds to your questions. How should Christians think about the insurrection at the Capitol one year later? What’s the point of reading those long genealogies in Scripture? Do leaders in ministry have to use social media? On this week’s Q&A episode of The Russell Moore Show, Moore answers these questions and more. Tune in for an episode that speaks to timely issues with timeless wisdom. How should Christians think about the insurrection at the Capitol one... Read More

Gender Questions Should Send us to Scripture

When it comes to the topic of gender roles, it all comes down to biblical interpretation. Many questions have recently been raised about complementarianism. We are keenly aware of the many stories of pastoral and spousal abuse—some of whom are noted complementarians. Such stories make many people wonder if complementarianism is simply a form of power grab, an attempt to hold onto male authority in order to exercise their selfish will. Cultural questions have been raised as well. Is the... Read More

Christians Are Going Back to Church—But Maybe Not the Same One

Amid all the moves and changes of the past two years, many congregations saw turnover accelerate. Houston Northwest Church suffered heavy damage from Hurricane Harvey in 2017. By the time its flooded facilities were finally rebuilt a couple years ago, the congregation was only back at full capacity for six weeks before services were shut down by the pandemic. As the church endured one setback after another, senior pastor Steve Bezner has seen the flock ebb and flow. “About a third of... Read More

9 in 10 Evangelicals Don’t Think Sermons Are Too Long

Even with recent divides in congregations, survey finds high levels of satisfaction among churchgoers. At a time when pastors feel particularly under pressure, here’s some good news from the pews: Evangelical churchgoers are pretty happy with how things are going at their churches. Most don’t think the sermons are too long; if anything, they’d like to see more in-depth teaching from leaders. They aren’t bothered by too many messages about giving. They don’t... Read More