God’s Call on the Politically Ambivalent Christian

Don’t let partisan extremes and animosities prevent you from entering the arena for the sake of the common good. Many Christians today are struggling with the question of whether, or to what extent, they should get involved in the messy world of American politics. This is a dilemma we feel most acutely whenever election season rolls around—and especially when the choices on offer appear far from ideal. If there are disagreements within your church about the wisdom and efficacy of... Read More

Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.

How inner transformation shapes outward proclamation. Your preaching is not God’s work. You are God’s work. I received this vision in a peculiar way. As I was minding my own business leading a foundation that helped denominations start new churches, unexpectedly a headhunter came my way seeking my interest in leading Alpha USA. I have always loved the intersection of evangelism, church, and culture. I had great respect for international Alpha leaders, so I sincerely sought... Read More

French Churches Heighten Security After Deadly Attack

Evangelicals pray for peace after three were killed at a Catholic church in Nice, the third incident in recent months attributed to Muslim extremists. French evangelicals are mourning along with the Catholic church and the rest of the nation after an attacker armed with a knife killed three people Thursday at a basilica in the Mediterranean city of Nice. “Let us be peacemakers in a French society that lacks it. Pray for our fellow citizens, whatever their religion. Let us love our... Read More

Gabriel Salguero: Threading the Election 2020 Needle

The importance of Christian discipleship in election season. Over the last month, I have done over a dozen press interviews on the Hispanic evangelical vote and election 2020. I imagine that much of the interest is because Latino evangelicals are at the nexus of two major voting constituencies in America. There are close to 60 million Latinos living in the United States and they overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Evangelicals, who are about 25% of the US population, vote overwhelmingly... Read More

Recognizing the ‘Sins of Our Fathers’ Means Admitting We’re Their Children

The Bible tells us we only escape original sin through our perfect savior. My dad has been bald since I can remember. As a high-school kid, I convinced myself that I didn’t have his hairline. Here I am, 34 years old and slowly succumbing to the inevitable arithmetic of heredity plus time. Some inheritances can’t be escaped. We’ve seen this truth on full display during the widespread protests this summer. A generation of Americans is coming to terms with the nation... Read More

The Civil War in Our Hearts

Political division finds fuel in sin that separates us from each other. Only peacemakers win the title “children of God.” A reader recently replied to an article I’d written about the presidential election to say his reason for voting for his preferred candidate has nothing to do with the policy considerations my piece addressed. “Nah,” he wrote, he’ll stick with his pick to “cause irritation and anger” for voters on the other side. The antagonism is... Read More

From Persecuted to Polarized: What US Evangelicals Can Learn from Colombia

In the Western Hemisphere’s longest armed conflict, suffering has often inspired evangelical solidarity. Now the body of Christ is succumbing to self-harm. For 70 years, Colombia has been a nation at war with itself. Marxist guerrillas, right-wing paramilitaries, drug cartels, and national police and military have ripped families limb from limb and scarred the national consciousness, running up a death toll of over 1 million souls and driving more than 8 million people from their... Read More

Meet the Evangelicals Who Won’t Vote for Trump, Biden, or Anybody at All

They’re not apathetic. Convicted nonvoters think Christian citizenship calls for a different kind of engagement. Despite their opposing views of who should win the upcoming election, Republicans and Democrats share a sense of urgency over the 2020 presidential race. Both parties would have voters believe that this is “the most important election of their lifetimes” and they have a responsibility to vote in the right candidate. It’s always awkward to be a nonvoting... Read More

Karen Swallow Prior: Voting for Neither

Author and Professor Karen Swallow Prior on voting third-party in the upcoming election. Candidates for office should be evaluated based on what they want to accomplish and how they will do it. On this basis, I cannot vote for either Biden or Trump. While I am not a single-issue voter, the protection of human life and dignity tops my hierarchy of political concerns. Neither Trump nor Biden addresses these matters consistently, holistically, or satisfactorily. For me, as well as for many... Read More

The Bible Passes the Bechdel Test. It Also Goes Beyond It.

After a data-driven study of women’s conversations in Scripture, here’s what I found. Recently, a friend asked on Twitter if the Bible passes the Bechdel-Wallace test. Although this question has been asked on the internet before, my friend’s tweet made me wonder if I could use my Bible programming skills to do a deeper data-drive analysis than what I found online. (One of the best iterations comes from a blogger priest named Paidiske.) If you’re not familiar with it, the... Read More