‘Dune’ Centers Islamic Imagery. These Muslim-World Novels Center Christ.

Drawing from their long experience in the Islamic world, evangelical novelists pen fiction to help Muslims and Americans better see Jesus. Can you imagine if Dune took place in the ocean instead of the desert? One Christian novel does. With Dune: Part Two now in theaters, moviegoers are once again treated to the cinematic spectacle of Frank Herbert’s popular sci-fi epic. Less known is how his 1965 novel bears witness to the influence of Muhammad. And even less known are the efforts... Read More

‘Hell Is a World Without You’ Revisits Early 2000s Youth Group

Journalist Jason Kirk discusses his new novel, turn-of-the-century evangelicalism and deconstruction. Jason Kirk’s newly released novel Hell Is a World Without You is not my usual reading fare. Nor is his book CT’s usual coverage fare. As you’ll gather from our conversation below, Kirk has left evangelicalism behind and is reflecting on the church of his youth with a critical, if somewhat sympathetic, eye. I was too shy a teenager to really embrace early 2000s youth group... Read More

UK Churches’ Outreach to Muslim Migrants Scrutinized After Clapham Attack

Evangelical leader: Ministers’ testimonies were never intended to be the “make-or-break” factor in judging asylum applications. A chemical attack that injured a dozen people in the South London suburb of Clapham a month ago has sparked the resurgence of a national debate over the UK’s asylum system and the church’s involvement with migrant converts. The suspected perpetrator, Abdul Ezedi, was an Afghan refugee who came to Britain illegally in 2016 and was granted asylum... Read More

Confusion, Strategy Shifts, Layoffs: What’s Happening at the American Bible Society?

The historic and well-funded organization has seen two years of turmoil: five CEOs, money fumbles, and a pullback from global work. It is searching for a fresh start. The 208-year-old American Bible Society (ABS) used to have a simple mission: print and distribute Bibles in the US. At its peak in 1979, it was giving away 108 million a year. Once Americans had access to Bibles, ABS’s challenge became getting people to read them. In the early 2000s, the organization shifted to a... Read More

More Evangelicals See Immigrants as a Threat and Economic Drain

Survey: Even with growing concerns over the past two years, most still favor immigration reform and say the church has a responsibility to help. American evangelicals have complex perspectives on immigration and want a nuanced political response, but most want Congress to act soon. A Lifeway Research study sponsored by the Evangelical Immigration Table found evangelicals are increasingly concerned about the number of recent immigrants to the US but still believe Christians have a... Read More

Does Naming and Shaming Help the Cause of Indian Christians?

Local and international activists discuss Voice of the Martyrs escalating the country’s religious freedom status to “restricted nation.” The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) has placed India in its highest persecution tier in its latest global prayer guide, bumping the country up from “hostile area” to “restricted nation.” VOM’s mid-tier “hostile area” category identifies nations or large areas of nations where, despite government attempt to... Read More

Wang Zhiming: Miao Martyr Memorialized in Westminster Abbey

He was tortured for his faith but remained steadfast through the Cultural Revolution. Westminster Abbey in London, the exclusive chapel of the British royal family, has served as the site for the coronation of generations of kings, royal weddings, funerals, and other significant events. Today it functions as the final resting place for many renowned British nobles, poets, generals, scientists, and writers, such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Charles Dickens. Since 1998, ten statues... Read More

God Whispers to a Restless and Grief-Stricken Heart

An excerpt on doubt, despair, and restoration from Land of My Sojourn: The Landscape of a Faith Lost and Found. Think about Mount Tabor for a moment. Remember the blinding light of Jesus’ glory and the stunning presence of Elijah and Moses, the weight of that moment and what it meant in the mind and heart of Peter, and what it confirmed about the dream that had taken up residence in his heart and his spiritual imagination. The brilliance of this dream—how incredibly close it... Read More

Calvin President Resigns Over Inappropriate Messages

Trustees found Wiebe Boer’s alleged conduct “concerning” and “inconsistent with the high standard and character” the college expects of its leadership. The president of Calvin University has resigned after admitting he engaged in inappropriate communication with a member of the campus community. In a statement Monday, the Calvin Board of Trustees said it had received a report alleging President Wiebe Boer “engaged in unwelcome and inappropriate communication and attention... Read More

In Six-Hour Meeting, Park Street Votes to Affirm Current Leadership

Senior minister Mark Booker asks the historic evangelical congregation to commit to work of repair after “break of trust.” Park Street Church voted to affirm senior minister Mark Booker on Sunday by a vote of 350 to 173, with 20 abstaining. The prominent evangelical church in Boston has been roiled by controversy as ministers, elders, staff, and lay leaders disagreed over a series of decisions—as well as the process of making decisions—at the 220-year-old congregationalist... Read More