Interview: Across the Globe, Contemporary Worship Music Is Bringing Believers Together

More and more, says scholar Monique Ingalls, it permeates nearly every sphere of evangelical life. Contemporary worship music, as a distinct genre, has come into its own over the last 50 years. Monique M. Ingalls, assistant professor of music at Baylor University, studies this phenomenon as an ethnomusicologist, looking at the intersection of different social and musical trends. In Singing the Congregation: How Contemporary Worship Music Forms Evangelical Community, Ingalls identifies five... Read More

One-on-One with Jonathan Merritt on ‘Learning to Speak God from Scratch’ : Part 1

“Most Christians who speak God do so passively.” Ed: Jonathan, you are (to quote Churchill) a “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” When we first met, you were a teaching pastor at an evangelical megachurch, but I’ve seen you call yourself a “liberal Protestant” online. So, are you an evangelical, a mainline Protestant, or what? Jonathan: Speaking of Christian words, you've used a lot of them here. As a result, answering your question... Read More

One-on-One with Brianna Parker on African-American Millennials and the Church

The pressing questions shaping African-American millennial faith are issues of injustice. Ed: How would you describe the state of Christianity and the church among emerging adults—18 to 29-year-olds—today? What are their biggest questions, concerns, or motivations? Brianna: It is an exciting time in the church and Christianity for emerging adults. It’s not an easy time, but it’s exciting. The church has, far too often, been bandwagoners who have followed trends as... Read More

An Admonition from Chuck Colson: You Are A Symbol of Hope

The Charles W. Colson Scholarship was designed to equip former inmates for ministry. Here is Colson’s message to the 2006 recipients. Hi. I'm Chuck Colson. I'm glad to have this opportunity by way of this video to bring a message to all of you who are Colson Scholars at Wheaton. It's a great honor that you have been chosen to have this scholarship at one of the great institutions in America. I might just tell you a little bit of background on how the Colson Scholarship came... Read More

Announcing the Launch of the Global Diaspora Institute

The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College has partnered with the Global Diaspora Network to launch the Institute. With migration becoming a megatrend of our times, the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College has entered into a partnership with the Global Diaspora Network to launch a Global Diaspora Institute which will serve two vital functions: (1) equip, connect, resource, and mobilize missional leaders in diaspora communities in North America and beyond and (2) help churches in North... Read More

US Catholics Now as Concerned About Persecution as Climate Change or Refugees

But more than a third incorrectly believe Christians suffer less than half of world’s religious freedom violations. American Catholics are growing more concerned about the fate of the world—and with it, Christian persecution. More than 9 in 10 now identify persecution as either “very” or “somewhat” severe. This is roughly the same percentage as an identical poll last year, both sponsored by the US branch of Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).... Read More

Has Academic Theology Lost Its Way?

Two theologians ask how their discipline can start mattering to ordinary believers again. Something is rotten in the state of academic theology. That, at least, is the bold claim that Miroslav Volf and Matthew Croasmun advance in their compelling new book, For the Life of the World: Theology That Makes a Difference. Volf and Croasmun fear that academic theology has lost its way, in part by positioning itself in opposition or even hostility to the church and its ordinary believers. Rigorous... Read More

America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods

A deeper problem lies beneath recent stories of swelling rivers, soggy small towns, and feel-good relief efforts. The fields where my grandfather and his brothers once played football are currently covered by several feet of water. My grandpa Bert was born in a small Nebraska town called Oakland, a couple hours north of Lincoln, just down the road from Senator Ben Sasse in Fremont. Like much of northeastern Nebraska, these towns are now in crisis, battling the historic flooding that has... Read More

Seven Surprising Ways to Prepare Yourself to Share the Gospel

What does it mean to be prepared to share the gospel? Anyone who has been around the church for any length of time has heard the exhortation written in 1 Peter 3:15: “But in your hearts, revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” What does it mean to be prepared to share the gospel? What does this preparation look like? What often comes to mind is... Read More

Britain Uses Violent Bible Verses to Deny Iranian Convert Asylum

It’s not the first time immigration officials have deployed Scripture to keep former Muslims out. The British government has been using the Bible against Christians seeking asylum after converting from Islam—most recently, citing verses from Leviticus, Exodus, and Revelation as evidence that the faith was not more peaceful, as one Iranian convert claimed in his application. Anglican leaders and other advocates for refugees condemned the immigration department’s decision to... Read More