One-on-One with Juan Martinez on the Faith of Latino Emerging Adults

“Young Latino transnational believers in Christ have the relational life skills necessary to be transcultural missionaries and intercultural leaders.” Ed: How would you describe the state of Christianity and the church among emerging adults—18 to 29-year-olds—today? What are their biggest questions, concerns, or motivations? Juan: There are several good studies about the religious perspectives of millennials in the U.S. I would point to them as good places to answer these... Read More

Florida’s Oldest Place to Grow Old

Dowling Park was a retirement community built around widows and orphans. A century later, it’s a model for intergenerational ministry. Charles Moore says he must have heard about Florida’s first retirement community when he was in the cradle in the late 1930s. His father loved reading the Present Truth Messenger, a newspaper of the Advent Christian Church—especially the back-page “Old Folks at Home” section that offered updates about the denomination’s... Read More

What Shakespeare Taught Me About Ash Wednesday

On the first day of Lent, I’m reminded of a love that “alters not” and “bears it out even to the edge of doom.” Many years ago this winter, I published my first novel. That was a proud day for me. I had a sense of maybe having achieved something of lasting significance. The novel sold reasonably well, made it into a second and third reprinting, and was even brought out again in mass-market paperback. But three or four years after it first came out, my publisher told me the novel... Read More

The Church Growth Gap: The Big Get Bigger While the Small Get Smaller

The US congregations most likely to grow are the 10 percent that already have more than 250 worshipers. In many congregations in the United States, new faces in the pews have become rare. A new study from Exponential by LifeWay Research found 6 in 10 Protestant churches are plateaued or declining in attendance and more than half saw fewer than 10 people become new Christians in the past 12 months. “Growth is not absent from American churches,” said Scott McConnell, executive... Read More

Exploring the Growing Trend of Taking a Gap Year before College

When chosen wisely, a gap year can meet a student exactly where they are and provide what they need to thrive in college. Each year, between 80 and 110 future Harvard students choose to take a gap year. They’re encouraged to pursue this option straight from the Admissions office. Why would one of the most prestigious schools in the country encourage high school grads to wait to go to college? Harvard isn’t the only school encouraging its applicants to consider this option.... Read More

If You Think You Have God Figured Out, You Definitely Don’t

Despite our best efforts to understand his ways, he won’t be bound by our tidy notions of divine etiquette. About 25 years ago, while neck-deep in my seminary training, I set my sights on a rather high goal: I’d learn the Book of Psalms by heart. Not in a year. Not even in five years. But as long as it took. Inch by inch, I’d explore these ancient hymns, climbing every hill and sinking into every valley, immersing myself in their literary landscape until they became part of me.... Read More

Girl, Get Some Footnotes: Rachel Hollis, Hustle, and Plagiarism Problems

“Girl, Stop Apologizing” strikes a chord with women. But its message of success hits the wrong note and borrows heavily from others. Something funny happened after I finished the new book from multimedia business mogul Rachel Hollis, best known for the massive 2018 bestseller Girl, Wash Your Face. After marking up my copy with marginalia, I nibbled at the bait: I pulled a notebook out of my desk, wrote “GOALS” on the front, and made a to-do list of accomplishments to focus on... Read More

This Church Mother Comforted the Grieving with Scientific Thinking

Macrina’s famous brothers approved the words in the Nicene Creed: ‘maker of all things visible and invisible.’ But she explained why it matters. In AD 379, Basil the Great, one of the men who contributed to the Nicene Creed, died. Basil and his brother Gregory of Nyssa were two of the three Cappadocian Fathers­—men responsible for major theological decisions made in the early life of the Christian church. What is less well known is that they also had an older sister, Macrina.... Read More

Why We Need a Church Planting Manifesto

The Send Institute has formulated a manifesto to serve as a rallying point for God’s church to effectively honor him in his kingdom advance. We make statements every day. Most are quite unassuming—small facts needed to navigate life, maintain a healthy marriage, or keep our jobs. Other times we make greater claims. We pledge lifelong marital fidelity, we affirm oaths of national allegiance, or we attest to our salvation in Christ through baptism. These greater claims have... Read More

One-on-One with Kadi Cole on ‘Developing Female Leaders’

“This book will educate and inspire you to better maximize the leadership potential of the women in your church.” Ed: Why did you write this book? Kadi: Over the course of my career as a leadership and organizational consultant, I have worked with churches and leadership teams in a variety of denominational settings. Recently, I’ve noticed a significant shift in the conversation around women in leadership roles. Previously, when I would present at an event, the few women present... Read More