Pilot uninjured after small plane crashes during landing at North Perry Airport

The only occupant of a single-engine plane was not injured after crashing while attempting to land at North Perry Airport on Tuesday afternoon, according to an airport spokesperson.

The pilot had a “nose gear issue” upon landing on the runway shortly before 1 p.m.,  airport spokesperson Arlene Satchell said in an email. She said the Federal Aviation Administration’s Flight Standards District Office will investigate, as per policy.

Satchell did not provide further information, and an FAA spokesperson did not immediately return an email seeking information on the incident.

The 2021 fixed-wing, single-engine Sling Aircraft is owned by the Pembroke Pines-based flight school Dynasty Aviation, according to FAA registration records.

The plane is shown in a photo on the flight school’s website as part of its fleet. A representative from the flight school did not immediately return a voicemail or email seeking information.

According to FlightAware, the aircraft took off from North Perry Airport at 12:15 p.m. and landed at 12:20. It had been flown for 10 short trips, all between 5 and 12 minutes long, to and from the airport earlier Tuesday.

The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating four other plane crashes involving North Perry Airport, the most recent being the Aug. 4 crash of  a Cessna 172 that killed the pilot and a woman in his passenger seat. A third passenger survived the crash of the plane intended to be a sightseeing tour of Miami.

In May, two banner-towing planes that took off from the airport crashed about a week apart. One pilot died, while the other survived.

The fourth open investigation is of a July 27, 2022, helicopter crash with a flight instructor and student. The student suffered minor injuries, the NTSB’s preliminary report said.

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