As Florida reopens, how are we doing? These are the numbers to watch.

Latest coronavirus data for


People tested


People infected

Residents + Nonresidents




Total deaths

Residents + Nonresidents

Data as of May shows Florida reported 0 known cases of the coronavirus, which is an increase of 0 from the day before. The area reported 0 more resident deaths since the previous day, putting the known death toll at 0 for residents and nonresidents.

Blue lines illustrate 7-day moving average

Daily new cases

Daily new deaths

Daily new cases includes cases of Florida residents and nonresidents, while daily new deaths data only includes residents.

New people tested

Percent people tested positive

Note: State data reported decreases in total tests for some areas during the weekend of May 15, resulting in apparent spikes in the days following. The Florida Department of Health has not yet clarified the reason for the data anomaly.

Weekly emergency department visits

The state department of health tracks weekly visits to emergency departments for patients with flu-like and covid-like symptoms. Flu-like cases are determined when the main complaints are a cough, fever and/or sore throat, the state said. COVID-like symptom cases are determined when the same complaints are cited, but excludes people with a flu diagnosis.

Influenza-like illnesses

COVID-like illnesses