Four Investments that Lead to Missional Power

Jesus gives us a masterclass on missionary living through his own example in John 4.

People make investments constantly. Not only financial investments; all of life is an investment. We invest time, energy, passion and mental space in the things and people we love. Whatever we prioritize is highlighted with fluorescent colors in the investments that we choose to make. Football masterfully illustrates this reality. Around North America, people invest massive time, energy and resources in their favorite team. Our practices follow our passions.

The same reality should be demonstrated in disciple-making as well. If Jesus is the true God who is worthy of the worship of all people, and if the way people will know this truth is through the testimony of kingdom-disciples, then an evangelistic passion should naturally characterize God’s people. The priorities of our lives should be marked by evangelistic investments. But how are these investments made? Many of us are missionally stuck and our disciple-making passion has leaked out long ago. We want to be faithful, but we now have little internal orientation. Here is some good news: Jesus gives us a masterclass on missionary living through his own example.

John 4 speaks of four necessary strategic investments.

1. Invest Intentionally

First, Jesus has a clear plan. He culturally veered light-years out of the way to enter Samaria—a path that was unheard of for respectable Jews of his day. From there, he was intentional to head to a hub of activity. The local well was a third place [1]where Jesus could do more than simply satisfy his personal thirst but could spiritually engage with those who came by. The notorious “Samaritan woman” couldn’t miss him. Though she was trying to avoid any uncomfortable social interaction, she was now destined …

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