Karen Swallow Prior: Voting for Neither

Author and Professor Karen Swallow Prior on voting third-party in the upcoming election. Candidates for office should be evaluated based on what they want to accomplish and how they will do it. On this basis, I cannot vote for either Biden or Trump. While I am not a single-issue voter, the protection of human life and dignity tops my hierarchy of political concerns. Neither Trump nor Biden addresses these matters consistently, holistically, or satisfactorily. For me, as well as for many... Read More

Despite Trump’s call, the army of poll watchers in South Florida is on Biden’s side

“I really believe in the election process, and I think everything should be fair,” Stoller said. “I just want to be somebody who’s there to make sure it’s fair, that there’s nobody cheating or doing anything unscrupulous.”With so many signed up, each side could send two monitors inside some polling places, peering over voting, or accusing people of voting illegally. The law allows one poll watcher for each candidate, and one for each party, inside the 941 Election Day polling... Read More

The Bible Passes the Bechdel Test. It Also Goes Beyond It.

After a data-driven study of women’s conversations in Scripture, here’s what I found. Recently, a friend asked on Twitter if the Bible passes the Bechdel-Wallace test. Although this question has been asked on the internet before, my friend’s tweet made me wonder if I could use my Bible programming skills to do a deeper data-drive analysis than what I found online. (One of the best iterations comes from a blogger priest named Paidiske.) If you’re not familiar with it, the... Read More

Josh Dickson: The Christian Case for Joe Biden

The National Faith Engagement Director for Biden for President on why Christians should support Biden for president. As a follower of Jesus, my faith informs my values, and my values inform my politics— which is why I work for Joe Biden. As the National Faith Engagement Director for the Biden Campaign, I spend my days talking to people of faith about why I believe Joe is the clear moral choice in this election. But I haven’t always been a Democrat. Like many Christians, I grew... Read More

Paula White: Of Course Evangelicals Should Vote for Trump

Paula White, Spiritual Advisor to the President, makes her case for reelection. Never before in the history of our nation, have we been at this type of a crossroads. There are two very distinct visions for America. At the end of the day those who we elect into office will legislate what happens to our children and future generations. A very beautiful and compelling opportunity is in our hands and we get to decide what America, and specifically the church in America, will be like in the... Read More

More Pastors Endorse Political Candidates in 2020

But very few do so from the pulpit, according to the latest from LifeWay Research. Few pastors make political endorsements from the pulpit, but a growing number publicly back candidates when they step away from their church role. Among US Protestant pastors, 1 percent say they have publicly endorsed a candidate for public office during a church service this year, while 98 percent have not, according to a new study from Nashville-based LifeWay Research. Those numbers are unchanged from a 2016... Read More

From Persecuted to Polarized: What US Evangelicals Can Learn from Colombian Christians

In the Western Hemisphere’s longest armed conflict, suffering has often inspired evangelical solidarity. Now the body of Christ is succumbing to self-harm. For 70 years, Colombia has been a nation at war with itself. Marxist guerrillas, right-wing paramilitaries, drug cartels, and national police and military have ripped families limb from limb and scarred the national consciousness, running up a death toll of over 1 million souls and driving more than 8 million people from their... Read More