Teenager dies when electrocuted during Florida storm

In Panama City Beach, a home and convenience store were leveled by a possible tornado, city officials said in a Facebook post. A resident’s photo posted by The Panama City News Herald shows the store’s roof and walls ripped away, but its counters, shelves and the merchandise they held appear untouched. There were no immediate reports of injuries. ... Read More

Death of congressman Alcee Hastings sets off political showdown, as candidates line up to replace him

Many elected officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties are officially or unofficially running to succeed the late Congressman Alcee Hastings or are deciding if they’ll enter the race. Some of the talked-about names from the large field include, from left: Bobby Powell, state senator of Palm Beach County; Perry Thurston a state senator from Broward; Barbara Sharief a Broward County commissioner; Wayne Messam, Miramar mayor; and Dale Holness a Broward County commissioner. (STAFF/South... Read More

Quarantine as Caretaker

How Andi Ashworth has cultivated patience while being separated from those she loves. When the pandemic began last year, there was no way to predict how profoundly it would affect all of us. This episode touches on some of the most difficult moments of a quarantined reality as Sandra talks to her dear friend Andi Ashworth. Andi and her husband, producer Charlie Peacock, officially established Art House in Nashville in 1991. Art House was not only a recording studio for Charlie, but it served... Read More

The sprawling federal case against Joel Greenberg: Here’s what each charge against him means

These counts occurred while Greenberg served as tax collector, accuse him of making two fake driver’s licenses: One, a Florida ID produced between Nov. 11, 2017, and his initial arrest on federal charges June 23, 2020, used Greenberg’s photo with R.Z.’s identifying information; the other, produced between Sept. 21, 2018, and Greenberg’s arrest, was a Puerto Rico driver’s license that used Greenberg’s picture and the identifying information of someone named by prosecutors as... Read More

Florida evangelicals on vaccine: Right thing to do or mark of the beast?

“We actually did a Q-and-A at our church – is the vaccine the mark of the beast, the end of all time, the apocalypse, and we’re like, no, that’s absolutely not true,” he said. “It’s not in the Bible. We’re not going to state anything with authority that we don’t see in Scripture. If we don’t see it there, we’ll take the principles of the Bible and apply them to that modern circumstance and then pray for wisdom and love and unity.” ... Read More