RZIM Donors Fight to See If Their Funds Enabled Abuse

A federal judge declined to expedite discovery, but lawyers will ask for 17 years of financial records and hundreds of thousands of documents. Lawyers in Georgia battled over access to the financial records of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) on Monday. In the first hearing of a proposed class-action suit, representatives for donors Derek and Dora Carrier argued they needed “expedited discovery” to allow them access to the hundreds of thousands of financial... Read More

Where the Great Commission Meets Deportation

For millions of immigrants, removal from the United States is the heartbreaking end of a dream. For these two, it was also the birth of a ministry. Rafael Avila was born in Mexico but for most of his life had been living legally in the United States as a permanent resident. He was, for the most part, a bilingual kid from Tennessee. But troubles with “every law agency imaginable,” as he put it, left him at risk of deportation. He was addicted to opiates. It started with... Read More

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Episode 8: Demon Hunting

Church growth turns toxic when the end of reaching people for Christ justifies the means. We are people built for wonder, spiritual creatures looking for spiritual footholds in a culture often devoid of belief in the supernatural. We long for miracles—the defeat of sin and shame, displays of God’s power transforming our deepest pain. For some who attended Mars Hill, the instinct toward astonishment led them to Mark Driscoll’s charismatic deliverance ministry. In a world... Read More

She Was Captured by the Taliban in 2001. But God Gave Her a Bigger Story.

Q&A with Heather Mercer who went on to work for freedom in Kurdistan and adopt a Kurdish son. When she was 24 years old, Heather Mercer was one of two American women in a group of eight international aid workers and 16 Afghans captured by the Taliban. One month later, a terrorist organization protected by the Taliban launched a successful attack on the United States that shifted the course of history for both nations, and Mercer became briefly famous. She was, for a moment, a kind of... Read More

Verdict Nears for Palestinian Accused of Diverting World Vision Funds

Mohammad el-Halabi has refused plea deals that would “pollute” the image of Christian aid organization, lawyer says. Mohammad el-Halabi believes the truth will set him free. The former Gaza director of World Vision has now spent more than half a decade in prison, and according to his lawyer, the Israeli government has offered him plea deal after plea deal. He could potentially go home if he would only confess that funding for the Christian humanitarian aid organization was diverted to... Read More

Why 9/11 Brought Neither Unity Nor Revival

Many Christians think spiritual renewal followed the terrorist attacks, but the record shows otherwise. The immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, was a strange and fearful time, but it also seemed a hopeful time. “A massive shift in perspective happened to our country on September 11,” wrote Philip Yancey in 2001. For a little while, he mused, the sense that everything had changed in a single morning “made us look at our land, our society, and... Read More

Colorado Christian School Faces Shutdown Threat Over COVID-19 Response

After a recent outbreak, leaders say they’re prioritizing parental decision-making over county protocols on masking and social distancing. When students at Resurrection Christian School in Loveland, Colorado, returned on Wednesday from a four-day Labor Day weekend, school leaders were there at the entrances to welcome them, masked and unmasked, and to keep an eye out for county health officials. Last week, following a COVID-19 outbreak that infected around 35 of 1,600 students, the health... Read More

Ministering to the 9/11 First Responders Who Never Had to Be Told to ‘Never Forget’

Twenty years after terrorist attack, the spiritual needs of survivors continue. The news media and the nation would later call the site of the largest terrorist attacks in United States history by the name “ground zero.” The firefighters and other first responders who rushed to the scene when two 110-floor buildings collapsed into 14.6 acres of mangled steel and concrete would call it “the Pit.” But when Andrew Columbia, a pastor and retired New York City police... Read More

Good Riddance to the Robert E. Lee Statue

A Christian vision of life together puts principles and community together, not at odds. This week, Robert E. Lee at long last retreated from Richmond. The statue of the Confederate general on Monument Avenue in Richmond was removed from its pedestal, as citizens of the city cheered from the streets. Watching the granite grey warhorse suspended in the air prompted me to think of a conversation I once had about whether a picture of General Lee in a seminary dorm room should stay or go. A... Read More

Crusaders No More: What Arab Christians and Muslims Think of Mascot Changes

Evangel and Valparaiso are the latest university sports teams to retire a contested symbol of Christian history. Nestled in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Evangel University will no longer evoke the Middle East—or the Middle Ages. Since 1955, the flagship Assemblies of God institution has cheered on its Crusaders, replete with helmeted knight and steed. This semester, the university will soon announce its new mascot after considering almost 300 submitted suggestions—including... Read More