The world’s scariest shark may one day save lives

The great white shark accounts for about half of fatal shark attacks. But scientists think the ocean’s most fearsome predator could one day offer hope for saving human lives. A team of scientists announced in recent days that they have cracked the genetic code of the great white, as a step toward unlocking the secrets of a species with a notorious reputation, an impressive resistance to genetic damage and a 500-million-year record of success. “It’s really a miracle of evolution,”... Read More

‘A new cash crop’: Florida readies for billion-dollar hemp market

Fresh from entering the medical marijuana market, Florida now envisions taking a healthy slice of the anticipated $22 billion market in hemp. The “no-high” variety of cannabis used to make “CBD,” oil and other products derived from hemp, became legal in the U.S. in December. Demand for CBD products — thought to help with anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain — has been swelling nationwide. The newly passed 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal on a federal level and removed hemp from the... Read More

Four treated for fumes on NSU campus, rescue officials say

Four people required treatment after being overcome by fumes in a building at Nova Southeastern University, fire officials said. It was reported about 10:15 Friday at 7500 S.W 36th St. in Davie, said Robert Taylor, fire marshal for Davie Fire Rescue “We haven’t confirmed what the substance is that caused the building to be evacuated,” he said. “We suspect it may have been pepper spray.” None of the four patients were taken to the hospital, he said. The building remained evacuated... Read More

In the alligator vs. python battle for Everglades supremacy, this round goes to the gator

In Florida’s ongoing alligator versus python battle for the top spot in the Everglades the food chain, sometimes you’re the predator, sometimes you’re the prey. In this round, the alligator is the clear victor. Rich Kruger was deep in the Everglades on the Shark Valley bike trail, according to, when he captured remarkable video of a python estimated at ten feet in length, meeting his demise in the jaw of a gator. Kruger told Fox News that “every day you go here, you... Read More

Student, 12, brings BB gun on Dillard campus, cops say

Dillard High School was on lockdown while a 12-year-old was being detained for bringing a BB gun on campus, Fort Lauderdale police said. It happened about 9 a.m. Friday at 2501 N.W. 11th St., investigators said. No injuries were reported and the lockdown was lifted a short time later, police said. Broward County School District officials confirmed the lockdown was in effect while officers looked for the student. This is a developing story. Check back later for more... Read More

Lockdown lifted after 12-year-old student brought BB gun to Dillard High, police say

Dillard High School was placed on a brief lockdown Friday morning following reports of a “potential weapon” on campus. The lockdown has now been lifted. Fort Lauderdale Police spokeswoman Casey … Click to Continue » ... Read More

What are ‘granny flats’ and are they Broward’s next bargain homes?

The answer to South Florida’s affordable-housing crisis could be right in your backyard or garage. Florida approved legislation 15 years ago that encouraged cities to allow single-family homeowners to build a second dwelling on their properties that could be rented out to very low- to moderate-income wage earners. Few communities — Key West was one — pursued the idea, but now Broward County is giving it a fresh look. Recent studies have shown South Florida has the nation’s highest... Read More

Before burning down, this island resort promised cure-all elixir and a fountain of youth. It was one of Florida’s earliest swindles.

A little more than a hundred years ago, people from up and down the East Coast would journey to a small island in Lake Worth Lagoon to down “Dr. Munyon’s Paw-Paw Elixir,” a cure-all said to heal rheumatism, nervousness, sleeplessness and a whole host of other maladies. There were several problems. James M. Munyon was not a doctor. His elixir was little more than fermented papaya juice. And the resort from which he sold it, the Hygeia Hotel on Munyon Island, also offered a “fountain... Read More