How to use jersey frames to show off your favorite team at home this football season

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and most fans have a particular team they support. You can’t go wrong with a jersey frame if you want to showcase your excitement for your favorite team. When choosing a frame, it’s essential to consider its UV protection and whether you have other memorabilia to display with your jersey.

You can display jerseys in any room of your home. Still, most would agree that they are best showcased in your living room or entertainment area.

It’s a good idea to hang your jersey somewhere that doesn’t get direct sunlight. In many cases, the light can cause the shirt material to fade.

Even if you hang your jersey away from natural sunlight, it can absorb enough UV rays to make it fade. Many display cases have UV-protective glass that keeps the sun’s rays from affecting your memorabilia. Some cases with UV protection are darker, making it difficult to see your jersey. It’s important to buy a case that blocks sunlight without obscuring your jersey.

Many frames are designed to display only a jersey, whereas others are deep enough to add other memorabilia. It’s best to buy a deeper display case if you have a foam finger, miniature football or lucky charm you’d like to display.

If you have memorable photos or ticket stubs you’d like to showcase, you can buy a case with small frames inside. Many display the entire jersey, whereas others frame it into a square or similar shape.

If you’re willing to modify your display, you can run small LED light strips inside the case. The added light makes your jersey stand out in a dark room. If you want to go the extra mile, consider plugging the light strip into a smart plug; these devices let you turn the lights on and off with voice commands.

You can install puck lights above the frame if it hangs below a mounted shelf. Many puck lights can be installed with adhesive. Some include remote controls or smartphone compatibility, letting you easily adjust the brightness.

Placing trophy cases around the display case is a great way to attract attention. If you have a signed ball or a ball from a game you’ve played yourself, you can place it in a trophy case near the jersey.

Those who collect football figures might consider showcasing them in a glass display cabinet near their jersey. Mounted shelves above the frame are another great way to display football figures near your favorite jersey.

Placing wall decals around your display case is an affordable way to make it stand out. There are numerous large wall decals with football-centric designs. Often, you can have these stickers customized with your favorite player’s name.

A. Many cost less than $100. Still, compared to traditional photo frames, they can be relatively pricey. Usually, the higher price is associated with UV-protective glass, mounting hardware and locks that keep your jersey safe.

A. With the right materials, you can build your own frame, but the supplies often cost more than buying a pre-assembled frame. Most pre-assembled display cases have felt linings that make your jersey stand out and can be modified to include lights or additional memorabilia.

A. It can depend on the type of frame you buy, but most prefer to fold the sleeves around the front or back at a slight downward angle.

This simplistic case has a UV-protective glass panel and a felt lining. The gold buckles on the side of the case can be locked to protect your memorabilia.

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This UV-protective case has two spots for photos and one for a signature. It includes plenty of pins to get your jersey flat for display.

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This case has UV-protective glass and is deep enough to store additional memorabilia. Many were impressed with its durability.

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With a few modifications, this can be used to light your jersey frame. It can be plugged into a motion-lighting kit or smart plug.

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These shelves can be hung above or below your jersey to display additional memorabilia. They are lightweight and sturdy.

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