ASK IRA: Is it Nikola Jovic or Orlando Robinson as next man up in Heat power rotation?

Q: The last time a Heat big man started talking about how he should be playing more, Omer Yurtseven was never seen again. Orlando Robinson should tread lightly. Erik Spoelstra doesn’t like players making decisions for him. – Alex.

A: This is different. This is Orlando Robinson merely seeking an opportunity, not necessarily a leading role. Omer Yurtseven tended to carry himself as a proven veteran, and I’m not sure that didn’t rub some the wrong way. Orlando Robinson, after his solid summer league, deserves at least a look. But, as stated here before, he goes into that process no better than No. 3 at center, behind Bam Adebayo and Thomas Bryant, and likely no better than No. 5 in the power rotation, when also factoring in Kevin Love and Caleb Martin. The real battle could be whether Orlando or Nikola Jovic stands as next man up in that pecking order. Don’t sleep on Nikola, even with his limited sample size in summer league.

Q: The waiting game for the Heat is simply the damage done to their relationship with Tyler Herro. He may be a professional knowing that him being offered in a trade multiple times is part of the business, but he is also human and is well aware that the Heat don’t value him the same way they do Jimmy Butler or Bam Adebayo. – Michael, North Miami Beach.

A: And there is nothing wrong with that. All companies have hierarchies. So, yes, the Heat do value Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo more than Tyler Herro, something that carries beyond the scope of paychecks. As in any work situation, if you can’t wrap your head around that, then you’re only making it harder on yourself. There is nothing wrong with being viewed as the third-best Miami Heat player. Chris Bosh had to do it. Eddie Jones had to do it. Goran Dragic had to do it. Jamal Mashburn had to do it. That’s some pretty good company right there.

Q: LeBron, Serena, Brady but where were the Heat for Messi’s debut? Ira, this is the Heat’s town. – Ellen.

A: First of all, one of the Heat’s biggest soccer advocates, Jimmy Butler, is in the midst of a China tour. Further, he tends to lean more toward Neymar and Mbappe. And while Josh Richardson returns as another Heat voice of soccer, I’m not sure he is A-list enough to wind up standing next to the Inter Miami bench like LeBron James was on Friday night. Beyond that, it was Heat night at the Marlins’ game, where Jaime Jaquez Jr. threw out the first pitch. I would suspect that you eventually will wind up seeing plenty of Heat faces at DRV PNK Stadium along the Messi way.