Guide to new outdoor art in South Florida: Eye-catching, larger than life — and free to enjoy

Eye-catching outdoor art is popping up in cities throughout South Florida — larger-than-life installations that make you say “What was that?” as you drive by, or inspire you to snap a selfie for your new Threads profile.

These head-turning creations are for everyone to enjoy, as they’re not bound by museum or art gallery walls, or by an entry fee. They live in public parks and plazas, shopping malls, a hotel complex, and several are scattered throughout one city’s downtown. And their messages are fun, serious, educational or up for interpretation. (Many of the projects are part of cities’ Art in Public Places programs.)

We’ll say goodbye to some of them after summer, but others are here to stay. So, here’s our guide to new outdoor art installations (and some that are coming soon) in a city near you.

And, yes, we know it’s hot enough outside to fry an egg on the sidewalk, but that’s the benefit of outdoor art: You can still check it out after dark.


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