The Nations Come To Us. Will We Welcome Them?

They will be our neighbors, and, if we are willing, our friends.

What if you and your church could introduce Jesus to people who have never had the chance to hear about Him before?

What if there was a way for your whole church to be directly and cross-culturally engaged in the work of the Great Commission?

What if your church family could form real, deep, and lasting friendships with people from hard-to-reach places, unreached people groups, and countries that currently remain closed to the Church?

What if you and your whole church could start doing all of that today, with no travel involved, no passport required, no visa hoops to jump through, no massive setup costs, no years of language learning?

Unparalleled Opportunity

There are places where the nations gather, places that attract a rising generation from across the globe. The best and brightest of the nations are drawn here by ambitions and aspirations — theirs and those of their families, their communities, their nations. They yearn for knowledge and skills to improve their lives, support their families, and perhaps even bring a positive contribution to their nations and the world.

These gathering places are not far off. They are not mysterious or inaccessible. For many of us, they are down the street —at the numerous colleges and universities in our towns and cities.

In international students, the Lord has brought the nations to us. He has given us the opportunity to share the love of Christ with the nations, with a welcoming smile and genuine friendship.

Before the pandemic, there were approximately two million international students and scholars at universities across America and Canada. Around 60% came from countries that have no viable church. Most had never met a follower of Jesus, never heard of the One who loves them …

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