ASK IRA: Is Dion Waiters in the middle of a transformation?

A: So you noticed, too? On one hand, it was heartening to see Dion Waiters running on the track and beach and working out with Dwyane Wade’s trainer, Dave Alexander. And it also was encouraging that Dion felt it important to display his healthy plate. But it also is still May and there’s still five months before a meaningful game. So, as with many things Dion, can he sustain? And beyond that, why did it take so long? Yes, the ankle was an issue, but allowing conditioning to fall into such disrepair only makes the eventual challenge all the more difficult. I also have seen the workout sessions that James Johnson has posted on his Instagram. But again, it has to be about more than show. And it has to show when the games matter. The best players appreciate the value of such fulltime commitment. When you are playing catchup, it also says something about the way you’ve fallen behind.