Back in the day, this city reached for the sky. It’s bringing the boom time back.

It was built in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere back in the mid-’70s, hailed as the tallest building west of Interstate 95. People wondered why anyone would build such a large thing so far out of town — all the way out in farm country.

The completion of the 10-story Coral Springs Financial Plaza in 1976 shone a spotlight on growth in West Broward, a sign of the many new homes and businesses that soon would multiply. Now, it’s about to happen again.

The big building, at 3300 N. University Drive, was recently fenced off with a goal of demolishing it by early next year. In its place will be a $200 million, 7-acre project that’ll change the face of town: Cornerstone at Downtown Coral Springs, a destination with nightlife, restaurant and retail venues as well as more than 400 apartments.

“We are going to make an event,” developer Rod Sheldon said of what’s to come. “It’s historic from the perspective it’s the tallest building that was here — historic that we’re delivering as its replacement the city’s first downtown some 60 years after the city was developed.

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