Two make credit cards with stolen IDs — and pump 110 gallons of gas, cops say

Maybe it was the 110 gallons of gas they were able to pump into their truck or the $643 bill they rang up at a Sunoco gas station that fueled suspicions, but two Miami men have been arrested with one facing scores of fraud-related charges as a result.

Yasser Rivera, 35, and Hugo Osvaldo Leyva, 46, were arrested Tuesday and accused of filling up three fuel tanks concealed in a Ford F-250 pickup truck at a gas station at 12200 Griffin Road in Cooper City, according to their arrest reports.

Both men were charged with illegally transporting fuel but Rivera was also charged with 62 counts that included grand theft and making counterfeit credit cards, court records show.

Rivera is accused of using more than 60 counterfeit credit cards with stolen identities to steal the gasoline, investigators said.

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