Broward School Board: New Runcie review not needed

A divided Boward School Board has decided against giving Superintendent Robert Runcie an extra performance review this year.

Runcie’s five strongest supporters voiced opposition to conducting a midyear evaluation this year in addition to the annual review he receives every fall. Several said one evaluation a year is plenty, while others said they didn’t see a need this year but they’re open to one in the future. The discussion was a follow-up to a 6 to 3 vote on March 5 vote against firing Runcie.

Several of Runcie’s supporters say they felt a second evaluation was another way to try to find a reason to fire the superintendent.

“This is another attempt to try to backdoor overturn a decision to keep Mr. Runcie as superintendent,” Board member Rosalind Osgood said. “When we make a decision as a board and I don’t get my way, does that mean we keep trying through different processes?”

She said at the meeting there were many concerns she felt needed to be addressed and asked for a midyear review.

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