Ex-Margate commissioner David McLean sentenced to 5 years in corruption case

Former Margate Commissioner David McLean, convicted last month on charges of bribery, unlawful compensation and official misconduct, was sentenced Tuesday to spend five years in state prison, followed by four years of probation.

There was little drama in the sentencing hearing: McLean, 56, faced a maximum of 50 years in prison, but not even prosecutor Catherine Maus wanted a punishment that harsh.

Sentencing guidelines called for McLean to serve four to eight years, and Maus told Broward Circuit Judge Michael Usan to use his discretion within those boundaries.

Defense lawyer Edward McGee pointed out that the unlawful compensation convictions could not stand because they covered the same crime as the bribery conviction. Maus agreed and Usan vacated the bribery conviction.

McLean, almost unrecognizable without the trademark toupee that once helped him perform as an Elvis impersonator, said nothing during the hearing.

Prosecutors said McLean used his influence as a commissioner to secure political favors for Lutchman “Chris” Singh, the landlord of the tiki bar McLean ran in a strip mall on State Road 7.

In return, Singh gave McLean a break on $8,000 in rent and two cash payments totaling $6,000.

The case was originally brought in federal court because prosecutors felt McLean was taking advantage of a federal program with the city of Margate as an intermediary.

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