‘How Could All the Prophets Be Wrong About Trump?’

After the 2020 election, a remnant of charismatic leaders are trying to revive their movement from within.

Like millions of people in America and around the world, Jeremiah Johnson stayed up late on election night. From the TV screen in his living room, he watched as Donald Trump’s winning margin waned and sat stunned in disbelief.

Many assumed the former president would win reelection; Johnson was among the charismatic leaders in the US who had put God’s word behind it.

On the morning of November 4, as the country woke up to the news that Joe Biden was in the lead, Johnson sent out a “prophetic warning” to his mailing list, saying he and a “chorus of mature and tested prophets” were in agreement: Trump had won.

“Either a lying spirit has filled the mouths of numerous trusted prophetic voices in America or Donald J. Trump really has won the Presidency and we are witnessing a diabolical and evil plan unfold to steal the Election,” Johnson wrote to his followers. “I believe with all my heart that the latter is true.”

Today, Johnson cringes when he thinks back to that message.

Unlike those who continued to insist Trump won, by early 2021, Johnson had reversed course. Now he barely recognizes the person who wrote that email last year—and neither does his wife, staff, or close friends. Instead, he says, God graciously used the messy fallout over the failed Trump prophecies to begin a “catalytic, dramatic shift” in his life.

“I was as entrenched as anyone was,” Johnson told CT in one of his first media interviews since he publicly repented in January and shut down his namesake ministry in March. “I tell people I feel like I’ve been rescued—I feel the kindness of God; I feel his discipline. I’ve cried so many tears, just thanking …

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