A New Graduate School Cohort for Anglican Church in North America Leaders

Introducing a new master’s degree cohort for Anglican Church in North America at the Wheaton College School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership.

The School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership at Wheaton College Graduate School is pleased to introduce a specialized cohort in our Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership degree program, specifically for students preparing for or currently in ministry in the Anglican Church of North America. This unique cohort begin in Fall 2021. In this program, we will specifically engage the normal master’s degree topics and class, but will also engage Anglican history, theology, ecclesiology, and formation in order to prepare students for more effective spiritual leadership in ACNA churches.

The core of the M.A. in Ministry Leadership curriculum focuses on three competency areas: Bible / theology, mission, and leadership. In the ACNA cohort, students will study each of these areas with a focus on ministry in the Anglican Church.

In all our programs, we have a strong focus on gospel, church, and culture.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from faculty and guests of Wheaton College who are affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America like M. Daniel Carroll R (Rodas), Rick Richardson, Emily Hunter McGowin, Andrew Abernathy, Keith Johnson, Junias Venugopal, Esau McCaulley, and others.

Wheaton College has been uniquely impacted by Anglican leaders over the years, so we are privileged to have so many ACNA-related faculty members.

In addition, Ed Stetzer, Dean of the School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership with Alan Hawkins, the ACNA Chief Operating Officer, will co-teach on leadership.

In this modular program of online and in-person courses, students work alongside other like-minded students and are empowered to infuse classroom knowledge and insights back into their ministry setting. Additionally, thanks to the flexible …

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