Five Florida state legislators undergoing testing for coronavirus; House in recess for a wipe down

“In an effort to set an example in the ongoing fight against COVID-19, and in an abundance of caution for their fellow Members and staff, Representatives Sabatini, Altman, McGhee, Donalds and Byrd, along with a staff member, have voluntarily agreed to submit to testing after attending an event in Washington, D.C., where an attendee later tested positive. They have self-isolated pending return of results. After leaving the event 10 days ago, Representatives Sabatini, Altman, McGhee, Donalds, Byrd and the staff member are NOT symptomatic, and they were not in direct contact at any time with the individual who tested positive for the virus. Furthermore, none of the Members or staff stayed at the same hotel nor did they attend any functions with the person who tested positive.