Broward clerk tried to land spot on Florida Bar after complaining about lawyer

Weeks after she filed a Florida Bar complaint against a lawyer who tried to take her picture in a public hallway, Broward Clerk of Courts Brenda Forman tried to get appointed to the board that could ultimately decide the merits of her complaint.

Forman applied on Jan. 4 to become a “public member” of the Florida Bar’s Board of Governors, which sets ethical and professional policies that must be obeyed by every lawyer in the state. Her application was turned down by a screening committee on Feb. 13.

The application raised eyebrows in the courthouse because Forman stated under oath that she had never “been a party to a lawsuit either as a plaintiff or as a defendant,” even though court records show she was a defendant in a 2014 foreclosure case and was sued for divorce by her now ex-husband Horward Forman in 2017.

While divorce cases typically list the parties as “petitioner” and “respondent,” legal experts said those terms carry the same meaning as “plaintiff” and “defendant.”

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