History of Broward County, Florida, Part 2: Broward Historical Timeline

Broward Historical Timeline  Here’s a short History of Broward County, prepared by the Broward County Historical Commission c.1400 B.C. — Prehistoric Indians living in southeast Florida. 1513 — Juan Ponce de Leon passes Broward coast on voyage south after landing near St. Augustine. 1631 — First known appearance of name “R. Novo” (New River) on a map of Florida. 1763 — Florida passes to Great Britain under the Treaty of Paris ending the Seven Years... Read More

History of Broward County, Florida, Part 1: Before the Europeans

A generation ago, the “history” of Florida, and specifically Broward County, began with it’s discovery and conquest by 16th century Europeans. At some point in recent history, historians realized that human beings lived in what is now Broward County for a long time. Thousands of years, it is believed. Here’s what is thought to have occurred:1 Skeletal remains of big-game hunters who lived 10,000 years ago have been found as near as Vero Beach on the east coast and Charlotte Harbor on... Read More