Episode 10 of 57weeks.COM pOdcast. Apple Dumpling Episode

Tom Truex, is the featured host in the podcast, 57Weeks. In Episode 10 he gives you some details on the life and death of “Wild Bill Hickok.” Also his take on the importance of an old school recipe for apple dumplings. Episode available on 57Weeks.Com or Spotify. ... Read More

Episode 7 of 57weeks.COM pOdcast. Resolving disputes; and why Jesus was called the “Word.”

Tom Truex, is the featured host in the podcast, 57Weeks.  Tom practiced law in Broward County for more than 30 years.  In Episode 7 he covers DISPUTE RESOLUTION. Episode available on 57Weeks.Com or Spotify. ... Read More

57Weeks pOdcast – Episode #006 – Part 2 of the HOCUS-POCUS Episode. Also a testimonial in favor of the late Rev. Jean U. Guerry.

OR listen on Spotify. Part 2 of the Hocus-Pocus episode. The last episode got so ridiculously long that we cut it in half and renamed the second half as Episode number six. Also a testimonial to a great pastor and teacher, the late Reverend Jean U. Guerry. ... Read More

57Weeks pOdcast – Episode #005 – the HOCUS-POCUS Episode. Also as discussion as to why spending a day in God’s house is so important.

Hocus Pocus Episode, Part 1. Including a bad day for George Custer; One day in God’s House; and the Review of a Netflix series called Midnight Mass. ... Read More

57Weeks pOdcast – Episode #004 – Retirement (which for me is TODAY), Book Review, AND Giving what is not asked for.

Or Listen on Spotify Main topic: Thoughts on “Retirement” on the very day I retired as a High School History Teacher. Also a book review of Eichmann Before Jerusalem; and a short discussion of the day Jesus’ apostles gave a man the healing he needed rather than the money he asked for. ... Read More

Broward Week in Review — 02-24-2019 to 03-02-2019

Some of the top news from Broward County, Florida from 02-24-2019 to 03-02-2019: Trouble in Venezuela, as international opposition to President Nicolas Maduro grows.  President Donald Trump on Sunday promised a July Fourth celebration on the National Mall this summer like no other, complete with a presidential address, fireworks and entertainment.  A Tesla burst into flames after a crash in Davie. And the battery reignited several times. Officials said it may have been going 116 mph. ... Read More

Interview: Women in Missions Leadership Walk a Tightrope

Researcher Mary Lederleitner explores the confusions and frustrations they face. What distinctive gifts do women have for the global church? Is the church helping or hindering women leaders? In Women in God’s Mission: Accepting the Invitation to Serve and Lead, missions researcher Mary Lederleitner describes both the particular obstacles women leaders face and the unique blessings they offer the body of Christ. Drawing upon two decades of personal experience and interviews with more... Read More

Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders

Muslims (and other minorities) shouldn’t have to elevate national ideals above faith commitments before gaining a seat at the table of citizenship. Eboo Patel’s latest book, Out of Many Faiths, explores the daunting challenges and encouraging possibilities at work amid America’s religious diversity. In what might be the book’s most important contribution, Patel explores the history of America’s wrestling with religious diversity through an alternative and revealing... Read More