Endless lawsuits to defend a draconian agenda | Letters to the editor

Straight from the headlines: Governor DeSantis sues Biden. Judge strikes down ban. Disney sues DeSantis. Judge blocks new drag show law.

Will the lawsuits never end?

Is there a tally of how much of Floridian taxpayers’ money has been spent by the state on litigation to further and/or defend Gov. Ron DeSantis’s draconian agenda, which has been enacted by the rollover Legislature and assisted by the attorney general, Ashley Moody? There must be many well-compensated, content and grateful lawyers on the Florida payroll. Even some of the people who voted to pass all of this legislation are lawyers.

James Dunne, Coconut Creek

Alito and Alaska

Regarding Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s 2008 luxury Alaskan fishing trip: Why not also go back to his teenage years and see if he ever was a bad boy? Our country faces far more serious problems, nationally and internationally, than Alito’s one-time luxury Alaskan fishing trip some 15 years ago.

Erik H. Schot, Ph.D., Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

Answer, please

Could someone please explain to me that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is not a dictator?

Diana Lyons, Boca Raton

Too much criticism

All you guys do everyday at the Sun Sentinel is bash Republicans, and of course, Donald Trump.

There’s never a negative piece on the Democratic Party, which is a disaster. People are fleeing blue states all over the country and moving to red states. That is a fact. Do you point out that fact? Of course not. It makes you look bad and makes the whole liberal radical progressive woke insanity look even worse.

Because people are rejecting this insanity that the liberal media is pushing. Over the weekend of the Juneteenth celebrations you had mass shootings, The Democratic Party is a disgrace to this country and the liberal media is part of the Democratic Party.

Martin Conde, Lake Worth Beach

Swaying the Trumpers

William Cooper (“A Democrat’s case for DeSantis,” Opinion, June 14) has no clue what DeSantis really is.

Woke means being aware, and trust me, DeSantis is anti-woke, meaning he is totally anti-aware of the people. He does not listen to the people who live in Florida and in fact passes laws to silence them.

All he cares about is being on the campaign trail and swaying the Trumpers in his direction.

Barbara Converse, Boca Raton

The wisdom of Einstein

Dr. Howard Olarsch wrote a letter to the editor entitled, “Why do Trump’s followers stick with him?”

Olarsch, a physician from Boynton Beach, goes on to list many of Donald Trump’s faults and the resulting damage to our democracy for which enormous sacrifices were made by our Founding Fathers and the common people who fought with them. He also wrote that “more disappointing are those who still blindly follow him … Trump is a disturbed, dangerous and ignorant man. The greater threats to our country are his followers and those who remain silent.”

To better understand and put all of this in perspective, one need only remember what Albert Einstein said: “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

Mel Rubinstein, Fort Lauderdale

About rail safety

With specific regard to all the federal money that’s being spent on rail safety, it recalls an old expression: You can’t fix stupid.

Alan B. Wackerling, Plantation