Hyde5: What Tua’s injury could mean for him … and Dolphins

1. If he misses the rest of this season and is expected to be healthy by next fall … this could be a silver lining for the Dolphins. Not to go all ambulance-chaser on a bad situation. But we might as well play this out. The Dolphins aren’t getting the top overall draft pick. Nor probably the second or third at this point. After Cincinnati, every team in the mix for these picks has a quarterback in some form. Washington, the New York Giants and Jets have a young, first-round pick. Atlanta has 34-year-old Matt Ryan. Would this latest injury pull them off Tagovailoa? Maybe. Would the Dolphins be pulled off from taking him with the fourth, fifth or sixth pick? Maybe, too. There’s too much in flux with the injury right now. But it does offer a changed draft landscape given Tua’s growing list of injuries. It might mean the Dolphins have a decision on him with their top pick.