A little boy was walking to a park when a reckless driver killed him. The felon is now off to prison.

After a reckless driver three years ago killed her “smart, caring” 5-year-old boy, Marisella Readon wanted the felon behind the wheel to die.

But Tuesday, she told Lex Eugene she no longer hates him. He was fleeing from police and hit Jayden Readon, a kindergartner who was on a sidewalk, walking to a park with his great-grandparents and 2-year-old brother.

“I hated you with everything in me,” the mother told Eugene inside a Palm Beach County courtroom. “But hate can only fester into something more evil.”

Marisella Readon even asked God to show Eugene mercy, while still urging the judge not to be lenient while imposing a sentence. Eugene was convicted of vehicular homicide in January.