Andrew Gillum’s new mission: Register 1 million new voters and beat Trump in 2020

Andrew Gillum, the Democrat who narrowly lost his bid for Florida governor last year, said Wednesday he’s getting back in the political arena for 2020.

His mission: Lead an effort to register and engage 1 million new Florida voters. His objective: Help the eventual Democratic nominee evict President Donald Trump from the White House.

“It is so consequential that we get this thing right,” Gillum said at a kickoff rally for the effort at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens. “It is consequential not only for the state of Florida, but for the United States of America that Florida deliver like we never have delivered before.”

Gillum acknowledged that the effort might not be as fun as running for president — which he isn’t doing — or getting involved as a campaign volunteer. He sought to motivate interest in the effort by repeatedly invoking Trump.

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