Hyde: A St. Fitzpatrick’s Day Miracle! Dolphins get their perfect QB | Commentary

Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t just Fitz-magic, as he says.

He’s Fitz-perfect!

He’s Fitz-like-a-glove!

He’s exactly the kind of quarterback the Miami Dolphins’ well-planned, well-documented and well-this-is-really-happening-now plans to tank this upcoming season demand.

But Fitzpatrick fits just what they need, too. A veteran. A pro. A class act. A guy who’s been around the NFL block, considering the Dolphins become his eighth team. That now includes every AFC East team but the New England Patriots — you know, the only one that wins this millennium.

Most importantly, Fitzpatrick is a good man with a good sense of a humor as evidenced by his all-weather beard and entertaining outfits (the open-shirt, jewelry-strewn, chest-hair-showing post-gamer in Tampa last year ranks as tops).

It doesn’t take his Harvard education or near-perfect score on the famed Wonderlic draft test to know what he’s stepping into, too. The game the Dolphins played here was finding a credible NFL starting quarterback without paying him a credible NFL starting quarterback salary.