Arnold Abbott, lifelong activist who fought to feed the homeless, dies at 94

Arnold Abbott, the soft-spoken lifelong activist, has died — five years after he drew international attention for feeding the homeless despite threats he’d be jailed.

Abbott, of Fort Lauderdale, died Friday at age 94, according to his caretaker and his attorney.

Abbott began feeding the homeless on Fort Lauderdale’s beach in 1991, although it was illegal to provide such a social service on the beach. Years later, the city demanded he stop, but he refused, saying he and his corps of volunteers had a right to feed the homeless so they could eat on the beach like anyone else.

“I’ve been fighting injustice all my life,” Abbott told the South Florida Sun Sentinel in 1999 after a showdown with police. ”I was always taught I am my brother’s keeper. I’m a fighter.”

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