57Weeks pOdcast – Episode #006 – Part 2 of the HOCUS-POCUS Episode. Also a testimonial in favor of the late Rev. Jean U. Guerry.

OR listen on Spotify. Part 2 of the Hocus-Pocus episode. The last episode got so ridiculously long that we cut it in half and renamed the second half as Episode number six. Also a testimonial to a great pastor and teacher, the late Reverend Jean U. Guerry. ... Read More

57Weeks pOdcast – Episode #005 – the HOCUS-POCUS Episode. Also as discussion as to why spending a day in God’s house is so important.

Hocus Pocus Episode, Part 1. Including a bad day for George Custer; One day in God’s House; and the Review of a Netflix series called Midnight Mass. ... Read More