Cruise lines shift to ‘virtual’ sailing, but some say they’re going overboard

Unable to offer the real thing, cruise lines are trying to keep consumers enthusiasm for cruising strong by posting “virtual” cruise experiences on their social media pages. Many fans say they appreciate it, but others just want them to stop playtime and speed up giving out refunds for canceled cruises.(Royal Caribbean International) ... Read More

La Esperanza de la Resurrección Se Extiende Más Allá del Domingo de Pascua

Incluso cuando la muerte se avecina, las Buenas Nuevas permanecen. Mientras la pandemia COVID-19 trajo sufrimiento y muerte a tantos alrededor del mundo en las últimas semanas, los cristianos anticipaban ansiosamente el Domingo de Pascua con su promesa de una nueva vida. Ahora que la celebración ya ha pasado, los cristianos podrían verse tentados a cambiar de tema. Con la amplitud del sufrimiento en todo el mundo, y las proyecciones advirtiendo que lo peor no ha... Read More

The final days of a deputy’s life and the polarizing debate that followed

Shannon Bennett, center, had traveled to Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day with his fiance, Jonathan Frey, on the left, and his roommate and good friend Brandon Johnson, on the right in this undated photo from a year ago. Bennett got sick just days after arriving home to patrol the streets. He was the first law enforcement officer to die in the state of Florida on April 3.(Brandon Johnson/Courtesy) ... Read More

부활의 소망은 부활주일에 그치지 않습니다

죽음이 엄습할 때도 우리에겐 좋은 소식이 있습니다. 코로나19의 대유행이 수많은 사람들을 고통과 죽음으로 몰아넣은 지난 몇 주 동안, 그리스도인들은 새로운 삶의 약속인 부활주일을 간절히 기다렸습니다. 이제 부활절은 지나갔고, 그리스도인들은 삶을 계속 이어나갈 것입니다. 전 세계가 겪고 있는 고통의 범위와 심각성을 보면서, 그리고 최악의 상황이 아직 끝나지... Read More

Depression-like conditions could be on the way for Florida; unemployment nationally could hit 20%

Even when public health restrictions are lifted, it’s unlikely that the restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses will be operating as they did before the pandemic. Re-openings will come in phases, operators say, with safeguards in place such as reduced seating and other measures that reduce customer density but increase protections for employees and patrons alike. ... Read More

Florida’s unemployment system processed just 4% of 850,000 applications since coronavirus crisis began

The Department of Economic Opportunity had set a goal of processing 80,000 applications last week, but despite 100 new servers and 1,000 state employees shifted over to help move processing along, they are still hundreds of thousands of applications behind. Only about 4 percent of the applications have been processed. ... Read More

Seniors are sick with coronavirus and need special care. But hospitals and nursing homes are in conflict about who takes on the less-critical patients

Doris Baker, 94, died from complications related to the coronavirus on April 3. She was a resident at Atria Willow Wood for seven years, and when she became ill, she was moved from the assisted living facility to the hospital.(Carolyn Baker / Courtesy) ... Read More

Retired firefighter gives supplies to anyone who needs them

Jill Blasenstein picks up gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer from Luis Garcia at his home based drive-through service in Boynton Beach on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. Blasenstein was helping her boyfriend, Stephen LeVine, whose 75-year-old father had just 20 minutes earlier come home from the hospital following cancer surgery. His home health nurse only had a paper mask, not an N95, so Blasenstein was able to get one to give to her so the nurse can properly care for the elder LeVine without... Read More