Armed Security at Churches Is Becoming a New Normal

Congregations adjust to shifting gun policies and the threat of active shooters. Warren Mitchell, a veteran police officer and member of a prominent African American congregation in Dallas, has seen the lines blur between his work and church life over the past several years. On Sundays, “you just can’t sit comfortably, especially from my seat, because I know I’m responsible for the security of the church,” said Mitchell, who leads a 75-member security team at the... Read More

Another Look at the ‘Least Religious Generation’

American twentysomethings have their frustrations with the church, but they are far more faith-friendly than commonly supposed. Narratives of decline surround American evangelicalism and American religion more broadly. Within these narratives, a special sort of skepticism is reserved for twentysomethings. Much has been said about their flight from the pews, the rise of the “nones,” and the lack of institutional commitment among millennials. While we’ve been wringing our... Read More

See You On My Phone: Apps Spur a New School Prayer Movement

The annual school prayer event has incorporated mobile tools to draw more participants and schedule more gatherings. When Christian students gather around the flagpole to pray at today’s See You At the Pole (SYATP) rallies, they’ll probably also be gathered around their smartphones. And that’s by design. Organizers of the annual school prayer event—held at 7 am this morning—hope that incorporating technology will help spur more regular prayer meetings on middle... Read More

Lecrae Gets Baptized Again in the Jordan River

During Israel trips, many Christian pilgrims repeat the rite. Like thousands of Christians who visit the Holy Land, Lecrae donned a white robe to be baptized in the Jordan River last week. The popular Christian rapper posted a video showing him being immersed in the waters where Jesus was said to be baptized. As he came up out of the water, Lecrae let out a loud “whoo!” Fans on social media mostly celebrated his experiences at Israel’s pilgrimage sites, but some questioned... Read More

In UN Speech, Trump Announces New Religious Freedom Initiatives

Cheering US faith principles, the president pledges new funds and business support to curb persecution. Speaking before the United Nations today, President Trump praised the country’s religious freedom record and cited figures that suggest the rest of the world has much work to do, as he announced new funding to protect religious sites as well as business partnerships to fuel the cause. “Our nation was founded on the idea that our rights do not come from government, but from... Read More

Let’s Stop Playing Guilt-by-Association Games

If we are called to love our enemies, how much more should we love people with whom we have strong disagreements? He talks about racism a lot lately and has bought into this ‘cultural Marxism’ nonsense.” “She’s raised some concerns about the social justice movement. She must be a white supremacist.” “He liked that author’s Facebook status. I think he’s walking away from his faith.” “Her books are sold in airports, and... Read More

Digital Bibles Help Men Read More But Retain Less

Data suggests Christians are unaware of the effect the medium has on the message. Men are more likely than women to finish Bible reading plans on an app, but they don’t glean as much as when using a good, old-fashioned paper book, according a recent study in the Journal of Religion, Media, and Digital Culture. Women retained about the same amount of information and completed a similar amount of reading on either medium, though men finished more daily readings than women. Those who used... Read More

The Global Church Starts at My Dinner Table

Why my kids participate in praying for the persecuted church. “Pray for Leah Sharibu, the only Dapchi school girl still left in Boko Haram captivity. She refuses to renounce her Christian faith.” “Pray for the safety of Yousef and his family in Egypt. They escaped their home just before an attack.” “Praise the Lord for persevering believers like Sharik in Syria, who face threats from neighbors.” My 8-year-old daughter has the job of reading prayer requests... Read More

Does Jesus’ Mission Have a Church?

Here are four things church leaders must do to ensure every person in their neighborhood has a gospel witness. Teenagers long for responsibility; adults often run from it. Think about the average 14-year-old itching to transition from the seemingly mundane tasks of childhood into the official assignments of an adult. They want to drive. Create their own schedule. Have a job. Make money and determine how it’s spent. They’ll soon find out that these highly anticipated... Read More

Maranatha and Mission: Hearing the Gentle Whisper to Stay on Mission

Affliction can bring the gospel to life and reinvigorate us to share it with others. Over the course of the last year, I have been training for triathlons. When I have a long training session or I’m in a race, there are two moments where I feel like giving up. First, I think about quitting when I experience a shortness of breath due to the physical activity. Second, there are times I want to throw in the towel when I feel the physical pain in my legs, calves, and shins. In those... Read More