Joel Greenberg used private state database to look up hundreds of people’s personal info, tax office says

The DAVID system is used by criminal justice and law enforcement officials — including police officers and deputy sheriffs while on patrol — to quickly access a person’s information, including Social Security number, date of birth, addresses, signatures, and medical and disability information. ... Read More

With COVID surge, only vaccinated people allowed to visit Memorial hospitals

The health system’s doctors are caring for 387 patients who are COVID-19 positive, with more than 98% of them unvaccinated — 46 more in the last three days and a 225% increase from only three weeks ago when the health system had only 105 COVID patients on July 1. Among the COVID patients, 43 are in intensive care, with two-thirds of those critically ill patients on ventilators. ... Read More

Five elected officials have resigned so they can run for Congress in South Florida special election

These five elected officials have all resigned from their jobs because they want to move up to Congress in a special election. Florida law requires elected officials to resign in order to get on the ballot for a new elected officials if the terms of the two offices overlap. Submitting irrevocable resignations, from left: Omari Hardy, state representative of Palm Beach County, Bobby DuBose, state representative of Broward County, Barbara Sharief a Broward County commissioner, Perry Thurston a... Read More

Feds raid Weston home that may be connected to Haiti assassination

“They see the international leaders come in and out,” he continues. “They’re flying in and out, they’re on the plane to Haiti, nobody knows what they’re doing. They see the leadership, all they do is drive beautiful cars. … They enjoy life in Haiti. They go to the beach, they have all the beautiful houses, they have funds. So what happens to the rest of the people living in poverty? They’re discouraged. They have no hope.” ... Read More

Don’t shut people out of Parkland shooting hearings, lawyers urge

The Broward State Attorney’s Office filed a response this week to a defense motion that would, if approved by the court, lock the public and press out of the courtroom until the trial begins. That sets up a clash with defense lawyers trying to protect Nikolas Cruz’s right to a fair trial in the murders of 17 students and staff of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14, 2018, ... Read More