Reflecting on Rachel: Why She Mattered

Watching the reaction to RHE’s death has reminded me that we need to be a safe place for people who wander, and for people who wonder. Yesterday, Beth Moore tweeted: Thinking what it was about @rachelheldevans that could cause many on other sides of issues to take their hats off to her in her death. People are run rife with grief for her babies, yes. But also I think part of it is that, in an era of gross hypocrisy, she was alarmingly honest. I noticed the same thing—people... Read More

We Set Off to Reach a Remote Tribe in the Amazon. Turns Out, They Were Waiting for Us.

As young Brazilian missionaries, we learned to depend on God and the people we journeyed to reach. Editor’s Note: Last year, John Allen Chau’s fatal mission to India’s North Sentinel Island, home to the world’s most isolated tribe, spurred new conversations about Christians making first contact with indigenous people. A majority of uncontacted and remote tribes remain in the Amazon jungles of Brazil, where for decades missionaries such as Braulia Ribeiro have stepped... Read More

8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 1 – Owning Our Commission

Over the next eight Mondays, we will examine each of these rules. We’ve all purchased a product that promised easy installation. The box explicitly stated that anyone—even the most hapless novice—could follow these simple, straight-forward instructions with little more than a flat head screwdriver and the included Allen wrench. Four hours later, you’re sitting in the garage with random screws and half-assembled parts strewn about, wondering why you didn’t just... Read More

From Marijuana to Magic Mushrooms: Weighing Drugs’ Benefits and Detriments

Neuroscientist William Struthers encourages wisdom as a flurry of drugs move from taboo to enrichment. No one would suggest we study the Bible while on drugs. But each week, many Christians go to church, go to small group, or have quiet time with the Bible in one hand and a stimulant in the other. We are not afraid to admit that coffee enhances our lives—yet the key ingredient in coffee that does the enhancing is a drug, caffeine. Because caffeine is a drug that society accepts, people... Read More

An Unexpected Easter in Sri Lanka

The surprise of this attack is that the Muslim community did not have a history of attacking other faiths in Sri Lanka. In split seconds, 253 were dead and hundreds were wounded, churches and hotels shattered as Islamist suicide bombers launched their Easter Day slaughter in Sri Lanka. While this is horrifying, the defiling of human wellbeing on the most important day of Christian celebrations, is not new. On Easter of 2017, 47 Egyptians were killed and 126 injured when Coptic churches were... Read More

The Life of “Be”: Remembering Warren Wiersbe

Today many are mourning the loss of another brilliant man of God, a faithful pastor and Bible teacher. Billy Graham. David Hesselgrave. Lamin Sanneh. Nabeel Qureshi. Bob Buford. R. C. Sproul. Elisabeth Elliot. We’ve lost some incredible leaders in the past few years, great minds who contributed much to evangelicalism and who committed their lives in humble service to God. Today I, along with many, are mourning the loss of another impactful leader: Warren Wiersbe. Much of his texts and... Read More

Worship God at All Times. If Necessary, Use Music.

It turns out the Bible’s idea of worship is mostly about posture, not music or praise. To be human is to worship. That much is clear in the Scriptures (Ps. 150:6), declared in our creeds, and evident from history. But while the impulse to worship seems innate, what we mean by the word worship varies. Attempts to define it usually begin with the etymology of the English word worship, which is commonly understood to mean “to ascribe worth to” someone. This leads naturally to the... Read More

Died: Warren Wiersbe, Preachers’ Favorite Bible Commentator

The prolific author and pastor taught Christians how to “Be” in the Word. Bible teacher, pastor, and preacher Warren Wiersbe died Thursday at age 89, leaving an impressive legacy of teaching, preaching, and mentoring countless pastors. Through his lessons, broadcasted sermons, and over 150 books, he resourced the church to better read and explain the Bible. In a tribute, grandson Dan Jacobsen recalled how pastors often tell him, “There’s not a passage in the Bible I... Read More

Sri Lanka’s Christian Refugees Displaced by Retaliation Threats

Pakistani asylum seekers in Negombo fled terrorist attacks in their home country, only to fear retribution for more deadly violence in their place of refuge. Fleeing persecution in Pakistan, Christians and other religious minorities once found refuge in Negombo, a heavily Catholic area north of Sri Lanka’s capital. But ever since the deadly Easter bombings—the worst taking place at the town’s St. Sebastian Church—these Pakistani asylum seekers have once again had to... Read More

Sabbath Rest: Not Just for Grownups

I want my children to know how to work hard. I also want them to know that hard work doesn’t define them. The stories we hear when we’re young stay with us. They define us, tell us who we are. For good, and sometimes for ill, they inform the ways we live our lives. Sometimes we realize it. Sometimes we don’t. When I was 16 years old, my youth group from First Mennonite Church of Pretty Prairie, Kansas, went on a service trip to Appalachia. (If the term “Mennonite”... Read More