Today’s the hottest day of the week so far. What to expect from ‘feels-like’ temps above 100 degrees.

Wednesday will be the hottest, most miserable day of the week so far, according to the National Weather Service, and will likely be the hottest of the week along the coast. Inland areas could see even hotter temperatures this weekend, however.

Wednesday will see temperatures in the mid-90s across the region, with southwest winds of 11 mph to 15 mph, and gusts as high as 23 mph. The winds “will continue to result in well above-normal temperatures each day through the weekend,” the weather service said.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Fort Lauderdale on this date is 95 degrees F, back in 1938, and the hottest May day was 96 degrees, on several occasions. Today’s high is forecast to hit 94 in Fort Lauderdale. West Palm Beach’s record high for this date is also 94 degrees, which happened on several occasions, and is forecast to happen today.

High humidity Wednesday will make things feel even hotter.

By mid-morning Wednesday, the heat index, or “feels-like” temperature, was already as high as 102 degrees across the region. Heat-index temperatures are expected to peak about 4 p.m., reaching 103 to 105 degrees.

The wet bulb globe temperature, which combines measurements of heat, humidity, sun angle and wind to come up with how the temperature will affect the human body, will be “high risk” by 1 p.m. today across the entire region, meaning “working or exercising in direct sunlight will stress your body after 20 minutes,” according to the weather service.

It advises taking at least 40 minutes’ worth of breaks if working or exercising in direct sunlight.

The remainder of the week will be just a touch less hot, but heat indices will be just as high, as high humidity blankets the region.

The weekend could see heat indices as high as 108 degrees in inland areas such as Coral Springs, and 105 closer to the ocean.

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