Best bagel in South Florida? It’s time to cast your vote!

Who has the best bagels in South Florida?

As part of our Best of South Florida Dining series, we raised that question to you, our readers, and the nominations rolled in for your fresh-baked favorites. Now it’s time to vote!

Two of your go-to spots ended in a tie, so there are six finalists. The bagel bakers who received the most nominations are, in alphabetical order:

  • Bagels & Co. (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Bagel Snack (Pompano Beach)
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels (multiple locations)
  • Broadway Bagels (Plantation)
  • Grampa’s (Dania Beach)
  • Mo’s (Aventura, Hallandale Beach)

So, what makes these bagels a schmear above the others? The consensus among readers who submitted nominations was: a crisp, crunchy exterior with a soft, chewy center.

“Soft as a cloud on the inside, and popping out fresh by the minute! Easily the best, hands down, no debate, end of story,” said Hollywood resident Bradley Berke about his nomination for Grampa’s.

They also ranked New York style — and the size of the bagel — high on their list.

Aventura resident Enid Weisman called Mo’s bagels “the freshest, most flavorful, chewy bagels outside of NYC” in her nomination form. “Have them with nova, a schmear of cream cheese or toasted with butter. Absolutely top notch!”

“Wow, best thing south of Brooklyn, large, great texture and very tasty with a generous amount of spice and seeds,” Plantation resident Mitch Gordon said in another nod to Grampa’s. “If you take out, make sure you have a toaster oven as they may not fit in a toaster!”

The placement of seeds and other toppings on both sides also seemed to be a determining factor for readers.

“Lots of seeds on top enhancing the experience,” West Palm Beach resident Ira Pfeffer said about his nomination for Brooklyn Water Bagels, in addition to them being “consistently fresh and ample size.”

Ready to vote for your favorite of this bunch? Just fill out the form below. We’re taking votes through Sunday, Feb. 18. If you can’t see the form below, click here.

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