Need a gift you can easily pack? Give them a scarf to keep them cozy through the holidays

Which scarves are best?

Chances are when you think of scarves, you think of warm neck wraps to help you fight away the winter chill. And when you give scarves as gifts during the holiday season, this is likely the effect you want your gifted scarf to have. But not all regions feel the same frost during this time, and for those, there are also warm-weather scarves you can gift. But don’t forget to consider the material of the scarf you gift, as some are better than others for the various climates of the world.

Scarf types

There are four main types of scarves.


Scarves of any type usually fall into one of two shapes. Beach and head scarves are typically square while neck and winter scarves are typically rectangular. Some scarves can be triangular instead, but this is unusual as you can simply fold a square scarf to get the same effect.


Scarves can be made of practically any material, though some are more common than others.


Non-designer Beach scarves typically cost $5-$30. Head scarves typically cost $5-$15. Neck scarves typically cost $5-$20. Winter scarves typically cost $10-$30. Designer scarves of any type can cost hundreds of dollars.

Best beach scarves

Boao Beach Scarves ]

This set of scarves uses chiffon and has tassels on the edges to give it a more dynamic look. It comes in four sets of colors: black with either gray, white or navy blue and rose red with royal blue.

Ekouaer Beach Scarf ]

This oversized scarf is perfect for use as a classic wrap or a skirt, but the extra material also makes it useable as a top or even a jumpsuit.

Iristide Beach Scarf ]

This scarf is made of cotton to keep you cool while you wear it. It’s also extra-large at 75 by 43 inches and can be used to fashion a hijab. It comes in 14 colors.

Best headscarves

Awaytr Head Scarves ]

This collection of scarves includes four, each with a different design, and there are 18 sets of four to choose from. They’re polyester and measure 35 by 35 inches.

Doobo Head Scarves ]

This set of three scarves are all different colors and there are five sets. They’re made of silk-feeling polyester satin and measure 27.5 by 27.5 inches. They need to be hand-washed.

Fonyve Head Scarf ]

This scarf comes in a staggering 45 designs so you’re all but guaranteed to find one you like. It’s made of polyester satin and measures 27.5 by 27.5 inches.

Best neck scarves

Jeelow Neck Scarf ]

This linen scarf is perfectly light and airy to keep you feeling cool on hot summer days. It measures 82.7 by 29.5 inches including its tassels and it comes in 30 designs.

Xrdss Neck Scarf ]

This fringed scarf is a good choice if you want a minimalistic look. It comes in 17 colors when sold individually but is also sold in sets of three, with each being a different color.

Your Smile Neck Scarf ]

This scarf comes in 38 fun designs rather than the usual single-color scarf. This way the scarf becomes a bigger fashion choice. It’s made of voile and measures 63 by 27.5 inches.

Best winter scarves

Aonal Winter Scarf ]

This scarf uses a knit design that works to both keep you warm on cold days and add a splash of style. It comes in nine colors.

Furtalk Winter Scarf ]

This cashmere-feeling scarf is made of ecologically friendly materials but doesn’t sacrifice softness and warmth. It comes in 17 colors and measures 78 by 28 inches.

Wander Agio Winter Scarf ]

This scarf is made of wool to be among the warmest and coziest you can get. It comes in 16 colors and measures 83 by 23 inches and includes some stretch.

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