We must save democracy from destruction | Letters to the editor

No one ever suggested I was the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I can guarantee this: The most important thing in America is protecting and preserving democracy. Without it, we’re just another third world country.

Democracy thrives on truth, compassion and honor, and although many still have it, our Republican neighbors do not. Today’s cult is controlled by a right-wing cabal that has captured tens of millions willing to accept lies and conspiracy theories. The imperfect Democrats have proposed legislation to benefit most of us. Republicans have killed those proposals without offering positive alternatives.

Elections have consequences and will be the final arbiter in this battle for democracy. The ugly Republican movement began many years ago with Rush Limbaugh, and was recently harnessed by Stephen Bannon with Donald Trump the front man, harvesting the disenfranchised, religious right, racists and purely greedy into a political machine capable of destroying a nation. My hope is that the tens of millions of us who see through these lies act together at the ballot box, and send a message that American democracy is strong and lasting.

Mark Lippman, Boca Raton

Presenting both sides

In response to a recent letter from Edward Ross of West Palm Beach, I don’t know what newspaper he says he’s reading, but the Sun Sentinel offers both sides of opinions many times.

Here in the letters to the editor section, I have read letters that presented conservative viewpoints over and over (much as I disagree I still read them and I appreciate the diversity of the editorial board). Apparently Mr. Ross does not.

The recent column by Steve Bousquet regarding Gov. Ron DeSantis was brilliant and based on absolute fact, and therefore does not qualify as a “poison pen” piece.

Yes, 4 million people did vote to re-elect him, but I’ll bet almost half of them are very sorry now. He plans to be a dictator, the sole arbiter right and wrong, and I for one shudder to think that could happen. I’m just grateful that he can’t run for a third term here in Florida. That is, unless his lackeys in Tallahassee change the rules just for him — again.

Barbra Nightingale, Hollywood

The turmoil at FAU

The turmoil among trustees of Florida Atlantic University over the search for FAU’s new president is sad but not surprising.

The chair and vice chair of FAU's Board of Trustees are Brad Levine and Barbara Feingold.


The chair and vice chair of FAU’s Board of Trustees are Brad Levine and Barbara Feingold.

The reality is that Florida’s Republican Party makes it hard to recruit academic professionals to work in this state. The GOP-imposed censorship of African American history, along with outright bans in public education on anything related to the gay and transgender community, has had a chilling effect in the classroom and on academic freedom. Most professional educators don’t want to work in a state where the unvarnished truth of Black history or any mention of gay people can get you fired.

Steve Bousquet’s column blames much of the chaos at FAU on Barbara Feingold, vice-chair of the board of trustees. Feingold might not harbor hatred for LGBT people, but as a supporter of Gov. DeSantis, who encouraged Rep. Randy Fine to run for the FAU presidency, she is allied with people who routinely demonize gay and trans people as a threat to society and in Fine’s case, literally advocates “erasing” the LGBT community entirely.

As a member of a community “erased” by Nazis and their fascist supporters 80 years ago who claimed that we Jews were a threat to Aryan children and the Aryan race, it’s shocking that Fine, who is Jewish, would target LGBT Americans with his horrific, genocidal language — and that Feingold remains an ally to him.

Marc Paige, Fairhaven, Mass.

A stalled search

FAU trustee Barbara Feingold is following Marjorie Taylor Greene’s nasty, loud, demanding and inaccurate playbook.

I participated in the Aug. 15 Board of Trustees meeting as a citizen, reporting my positive perspective toward the board’s purposeful adherence to guidelines set by the Board of Governors to identify strong candidates for the FAU presidency. Kudos to Chair Brad Levine for keeping his cool under a heavy barrage from the aforementioned Feingold.

I trust FAU can resume the search soon. Amazingly, all three strong candidates have not dropped out. I, along with many friends and colleagues, am considering moving out of our currently toxic state. With this search stalled, Florida is losing donors, potential students, faculty, employees and businesses. Please support FAU’s process.

Rebecca Andre’, Ph.D., Delray Beach