SMALL BITES: Need to hydrate? Try Miramar’s very own bottled water.

This is “Small Bites,” a South Florida Sun Sentinel feature with tiny tidbits on the food and beverage scene — because we know that sometimes you just don’t have room for a long article. You want a little news brief instead, an amuse bouche of information, if you will. Enjoy!


We don’t know why they didn’t call it “Miramar Mer.”

For whatever reason the city of Miramar has decided to go with “Miramar ON TAP” as a name for its very own bottled water.

The tap water comes from Miramar’s two water treatment plants and is being supplied to adult, senior and child day-care centers.

But you can also find the bottled water at city events, such as the upcoming  Jamaica Emancipendence celebration Saturday, Aug. 5, at The Amphitheater in Miramar Regional Park.

“We have developed a premium bottled water brand that offers an exceptional drinking experience,” says City Commissioner Yvette Colbourne. “What sets Miramar’s bottled water apart is its unwavering commitment to safety and convenience. Residents can enjoy our tap water with complete peace of mind knowing that every drop meets the highest safety standards.”


  • Individual bottles will be free at all city events.
  • A case of 24 16.9 ounce bottles is $8.33


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