Keeping Your Cup Filled in a World That Empties It

The power of mentors for ministry longevity.

By now you’ve probably seen the articles that address the state of many pastors in America. Navigating through the crisis of the pandemic, not to mention the other crises the wave of the pandemic has caused, has taken its toll on many pastors. If you are one of those pastors, please know that you are not alone!

As pastors, we are constantly pouring our cup into others. Essentially, that is ministry—giving our lives in the service to others.

However, if pastors constantly pour their lives into others—into ministry—but never have anyone pouring their lives into them, eventually their lives will become empty. Be honest, if your life was like a gas gauge in a car, where would the needle be? Closer to F? Half a tank? Closer to E? Or on E?

What’s your plan on replenishing your cup… your life? Many pastors fill their lives through Bible intake, prayer, solitude and solace, reading books, listening to podcasts, exercising, and/or engaging in a hobby. These are all important—especially prayer and bible reading as they allow the Spirit and the Word to minister to us. Yet, I would argue something else is needed.

Young Timothy and a Tough Ministry

Imagine you were Timothy. You are a younger pastor serving in your first, but difficult, ministry assignment—one in which you were tasked to handle some problems in the church (like false teachers). Not only are you in a difficult ministry, but you’re living in a very secular city. Because of the infancy of the church, there’s no books to read, podcasts to listen to, nor conferences to attend to tell you what to do. Yet, you need to bring order to the church, appoint elders and deacons, minister to widows, and effectively shepherd believers …

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