20 Truths: How Did I Get Here?

20 Truths from Christine Caine’s latest book on how avoid drifting spiritually.

(1.) “God knows the frailty of our humanity. He has been contending with it ever since the fall. He knows how effortless our drifting is.” (p.7)

(2.) “Neglecting a weak link can bake all the difference in our staying anchored or not. That’s why God wants us to check our links…so we can stay connected to Jesus. When we find ourselves not where we expected to be, he isn’t the one who moved.” (p.13)

(3.) “You know you’ve drifted when…You stop trusting and you start controlling.” (p.15)

(4.) “Trusting God takes intentionality and perpetual, repeated choosing. It isn’t passive, but active—and our trust is tested with time and trials.” (p.19)

(5.) “When we experience the gap between what is and what will be, that’s when trust is most needed.” (p.38)

(6.) “When we take our eyes off Jesus, all we can see is the wound that’s hurting or the people who inflicted that wound. Then we start seeping— and drifting. But when we look up and look to Jesus, keeping our eyes on him, we begin to heal.” (p.57)

(7.) “You know you’ve drifted when…You stop wondering and you start wandering.” (p.61)

(8.) “God wants us having the right conversations with the right people, so we land in the right place. Especially when our questions cause us to question God.” (p.71)

(9.) “There will always be things we can’t figure out, can’t understand, and may never know the answer to, but our worst day with Jesus will always be better than our best day without him.” (p.83)

(10.) “You know you’ve drifted when…You stop praying and you start talking.” (p.85)

(11.) …

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