Missions at Bay Area Community Church

Takeaways and learnings from local church visits

I’m restarting my Sunday Journeys series, talking about different churches I’ve visited and taking away some learnings from each.

Earlier this year, I was at Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis for their missions conference. Despite the numerous health and logistical complications COVID presented through the planning process, the pastors, staff, and congregants at BACC creatively navigated these unique circumstances with precaution and wisdom at the forefront of their concerns.

Here’s a pic of the team praying before one of the services.

I was thankful for the opportunity to join such an incredible team and visit with Greg St. Cyr, the lead pastor of BACC and my former doctoral student at TEDS.

The theme of the conference was “Reaching a Volatile World,” which—well—is pretty much right on time and on target.

I appreciated the time they set aside for a mission’s focus, including the weekend services, but also all weekend long—and ongoing events behind that. We heard from church planting leaders from India and beyond.

A Missions Focus

Bay Area Community Church has been mission-oriented since its start in 1987. This church is enraptured with the good news of the gospel and is eager to share it with others, whether down the street or across the world. Greg St. Cyr’s passion for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ stems from his own missional experiences working with CRU and also as a missionary in Poland for 8 years, mostly during the communist regime and this has undoubtedly only added fuel to the church’s fire for missions.

Bay Area Community Church follows the pattern demonstrated by the apostles in Acts for their own missional scope. Just as the apostles and early …

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