Quarantine as Caretaker

How Andi Ashworth has cultivated patience while being separated from those she loves.

When the pandemic began last year, there was no way to predict how profoundly it would affect all of us. This episode touches on some of the most difficult moments of a quarantined reality as Sandra talks to her dear friend Andi Ashworth. Andi and her husband, producer Charlie Peacock, officially established Art House in Nashville in 1991. Art House was not only a recording studio for Charlie, but it served as a place for artists to find rest while recording. Andi’s role was to care for those who came through the Art House doors, as well as her own family who lived on the property. Since leaving Art House in 2015, Andi’s role as caregiver has changed a bit, and her resolve has been tested this past year as she desperately misses her children and grandchildren. Andi’s book Real Love for Real Life is a beautiful example of developing patience as we give care for those we love.

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